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Wooden Mirrors vs Metal Mirrors – What are the Advantages of Each?

Mirrors serve an array of different functions, both decorative and practical, around your home. We’ve talked in previous blogs about all the ways you can use mirrors to make a small room look larger, reflect natural light to brighten up a space, and add a stylish accent to any room or hallway. 

In terms of decorative appeal, there is plenty of variety when it comes to both wall-mounted and freestanding mirrors. You can choose from a large spectrum of different sizes, shapes, and frames, with various colours and materials that make it easy to coordinate with the overall look of your room and choose a mirror to suit a traditional or contemporary interior decor aesthetic. 

Wooden mirrors and metal mirrors are the most common options when it comes to the frame of the mirror, and there are different advantages to each frame material depending on the look you want for your room. We outline some of these advantages below: 

Wooden mirrors: a timeless tradition

Wood frames are a classic option for both wall-mounted mirrors and floor mirrors. If you are looking for an opulent piece to hang above your mantle or in your bedroom, a wooden mirror with an ornately carved frame is sure to make a statement in time-honoured, sophisticated style. 

In contrast, wood is also a great pick if you’re looking for something simple and rustic. While you can paint a wooden frame any colour imaginable, a wooden mirror with a frame that lets the natural grain of the wood shine through, is perfect for cottagecore styling or farmhouse-inspired decor. 

That said, wooden mirrors are not solely for the realm of traditional decor. Because there are so many options for wood-frame mirrors, and because you can also DIY any wooden mirror you choose and paint it yourself to perfectly match your room’s colour palette, they are a super versatile option that can be made to complement any space. 

Metal mirrors: a bold, modern option

Mirrors with metal frames offer sleek, chic style that is perfect for your contemporary home. When you opt for metal, you can choose a polished frame that adds an extra shining element to the overall design of the mirror, ideal for a futuristic modern space. 

With metal, you can select a mirror with a low-profile design where the frame blends into the glass, ideal for a minimalist decor aesthetic. Or, you can choose a metal frame that is large and bold, catching the light and drawing the eye to create a statement-making piece. 

While metal is especially common in mirrors that evoke contemporary style, there’s no reason you can’t also consider metal mirrors for a more traditional look. Choose frames that are finished in powder-coated black or burnished brass, and enjoy vintage-inspired styling that’s suitable for a classic space. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each frame material? 

Choosing between metal and wooden mirrors is mainly an aesthetic distinction. Both wooden and metal frames are hard-wearing, high-quality, and stylish, so it mainly comes down to which look you prefer for your room. However, there are some pros and cons to each that you may want to consider when you’re deciding between each mirror type. 

Metal has the advantage of durability. It is resistant to scratches and gouges, ensuring that it will maintain its texture and smoothness over time. This is particularly good if you have your mirror mounted in a place where it might get bumped by a wardrobe door or other furniture. 

Wood, on the other hand, has the advantage of versatility. Wood is the most common material for mirror frames, so you will have the most options in terms of different styles, colours, and so on that will let you select the exact look you want for your room. 

One disadvantage of metal mirrors is that they tend to be heavier than their wood counterparts. If you are mounting them on the wall, you will need to be aware of this and ensure that your mounting equipment and anchor points are adequate so that the mirror doesn’t fall. 

Like all wood, wooden mirror frames can swell or warp if they are in a very humid environment or one where the temperature changes frequently. However, as long as you buy high-quality wooden mirrors and keep the ambient temperature and humidity of your home fairly steady, this shouldn’t be any reason to keep you from buying wood mirrors. 

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Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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