2022 trend watch: curved furniture

2022 trend watch: curved furniture

Curved furniture is one of 2022’s top interiors trends. From tables with rounded corners to sofas with bowed backs, curvilinear furniture is a key element in an on-trend home decor look for this year. 

We’ve talked about curved furniture as a 2022 trend before, but we love this look so much that we want to delve a little deeper into how you can incorporate it into your home.

Read on for our guide to curved furniture, and find the perfect curved pieces to suit your space.

Why do we love curved furniture? 

Like the popularity of green shades and natural details, the trend of furniture with curves is all about the desire for organic-inspired spaces and cosy, welcoming vibes in your home. 

Better Homes & Gardens reports that, similar to the way that our increased time spent around the house due to the pandemic has led to athleisure and comfortable style taking a forefront in clothing trends, we see a desire for comfort and laid-back style in our furniture as well. 

Rather than sharp corners and hard lines, curves and circular forms give us a feeling of calm and relaxation. Evoking the meditative waves of the ocean of the soft petals of a flower, furniture with curves is ideal for creating a peaceful oasis in your home. 

What types of curved furniture are best? 

One of the great things about the curvilinear interior design trend is that you can incorporate it in any room in your home. Whether you want to envelop yourself in a sumptuous oval bathtub or snuggle up in a stylish tub chair, you can bring curved shapes to any part of your space. 

A curved armchair or accent chair is one of our favourite ways to bring this trend into your living room. At the end of a long day, there’s nothing nicer than being able to sit back and relax in a chair that’s just for you, and it’s even better when that chair has a curved back that feels like it’s offering you a hug. 

Round footstools are also a great option for curved living room furniture. Use a curved, cushioned footstool to add a comfortable element to your space, or even replace a traditional coffee table with a pouffe for that extra touch of relaxed appeal. 

You can even combine this furniture fashion with one of our other favourite 2022 interior design trends, which is coordinating your indoor and outdoor spaces. A curved piece of garden furniture such as an egg chair gives you a comfortable place to curl up and relax outside, while also bringing an en vogue element to your patio or yard. 

What are the ideal colours for curved furniture? 

Because this trend is all about organic styling and comfort, the best colours to choose for your curved pieces are the shades that also reflect this interior design ethos. Choose colours that remind you of the earth or the ocean, and bring nature-inspired beauty to the room. 

Or if you want a more vibrant alternative, place brighter curved furniture pieces on a neutral backdrop of soft hues for walls and window treatments for a peaceful look. 

Using colour theory to choose calming tones is another ideal way to select the right palette for your home. Blue is the colour of peacefulness and introspection, while green offers restorative feelings. For something bolder, consider purple and its meditative qualities. 

How do you incorporate curves throughout your home?

Furniture isn’t the only way you can add curves to your space. A round or arched mirror can offer an organic-inspired twist on an accessory that is traditionally rectangular or square, while helping to create a curved theme throughout the room. 

Similarly, you might consider a round rug or a rug or tiles with a circular geometric pattern, or wallpaper or window treatments with circular motifs. 

If you’re planning a full home remodel, you can even bring the curved home decor style into other details of your house. Round windows and arched doorways are a lovely way to make this trend a permanent part of your interior design. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for curved details that can be easily adjusted, accessories such rounded figurines, circular throw pillows, and curved vases can evoke the look of this trend in a simple and stylish way. 

Embrace the curved furniture trend at Corcoran’s

Furniture with curves is one of our favourite trends of 2022, but it’s also a style that’s surely here to stay thanks to its relaxed, inviting feeling and natural yet elegant appearance. If you want the best curved furniture and accessories to bring this trend home, visit Corcoran’s in store or shop with us online today. 

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Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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