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Aidan Patchwork Pull Out Couch

Aidan Patchwork Pull Out Couch

RRP: 699.00

  • Sofa dimensions – 145 W x 88 D x 83 H cm
  • Bed dimensions – 145 W x 186 D x 45 H cm
  • High armrests
  • Metal legs
  • Metal fold-out frame
  • Small double
Number of variations: 2
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Give Your Living Space a Facelift with the Aidan Patchwork Pull Out Couch

Imagine, if you will, a chameleon. A charming creature that adapts seamlessly to its surroundings. Now, take that adaptability, wrap it in plush upholstery, and voila! You've got the Aidan Patchwork Pull Out Couch. More than a mere seat or sleeping spot, the Aidan is a transformation artist. It's a comfy sofa by day and a cosy double bed by night, all wrapped up in a versatile patchwork design.

Transforms faster than you can say "I need a nap"

The Aidan Patchwork Pull Out Couch's claim to fame? Its brilliant ability to morph from a contemporary two-seater sofa into a double bed in a blink. It's as if it has its own superpower - we call it 'Sofa-to-Bed Speed.' With an easy pull handle and hinged design, this unassuming couch unfurls into a bed faster than you can recite the alphabet backwards. And those two cushions at the back? They moonlight as pillows when Aidan assumes its bed persona.

Pick your own patchwork

Much like a fashionista's wardrobe, the Aidan Patchwork Pull Out Couch comes in an array of patterns and hues. From the multicoloured kaleidoscope to the subtler blues and mustards, there's a colour scheme to reflect your personality. Simply put, Aidan is an extension of your style, only more comfortable.

Meet Aidan, the furniture transformer

Sure, the Aidan Patchwork Pull Out Couch might be the top contender for your perfect sofa bed. But if you're still on the fence, fret not. We've got a lineup of other sofa beds waiting in the wings, along with a plethora of other home furniture. All ready to swoop in and save your living space from the clutches of ordinary. So, are you ready to give your space the Aidan advantage?

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Dimensions 145 × 88 × 83 cm
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