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Which Armchairs Offer the Best Back Support?

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing nicer than kicking back in your living room and relaxing with a good book or your favourite television show. But whether you’re working outside or in an office, it’s likely that you might be finishing your day feeling a bit stiff or sore, so you’ll want to make sure that whatever armchairs or sofas you have in your home will offer you comfort and support. 

When you’re choosing new armchairs for your home, you can find seating that offers features specifically designed for support. Whether you have mobility needs or you simply want maximum relaxation when you’re resting in your favourite chair, you can find seating with superior back support that will offer reliable comfort as you sit. 

Read on to learn more about armchairs with back support and our top recommendations for comfortable, supportive seating in your living room. 

Recliner armchairs bring versatile comfort

Recliners offer the ultimate in back support when it comes to the best living room seating for your home. Recliner armchairs are amply cushioned, comfortably upholstered in soft fabric or smooth leather, and, of course, can be adjusted to suit your seating needs. 

You can choose from manual recliners or those with powered mechanisms that make it even easier to change the position of the chair back and footrest, but whichever type you opt for, you can be sure that recliner armchairs offer some of the best back support available for living room seating. 

Recliner armchairs let you put your feet up and take the weight off your joints and lower limbs, which is good for helping to alleviate back pain and discomfort, as well as improving circulation and blood flow. Some armchairs let you recline all the way back into a lay-flat position, which is also great for supportive comfort — and sitting room power naps. 

Looking for more advice on the best recliner armchairs for back support and more? Read our recliner buying guide or shop recliners online now

Lift and rise chairs offer additional mobility assistance

As we get older, we often need to make adaptations in our homes to make our spaces more accessible. This is also true if you have extra mobility needs due to injury or disability. Luckily, there are great furniture options that will keep you comfortable and supported throughout your home, and for the living room, this can come in the form of lift and rise armchairs. 

Lift and rise chairs, also known as rise and recline armchairs, take the powered recliner mechanism of some recliners one step further to offer additional support for those who need it. Not only do lift and rise chairs tilt backwards and have a footrest like traditional recliners, but the seat also raises up to meet you and help you in and out of your chair. Rise and recliner chairs also have even more cushioning than your average armchair, as well as lumbar-specific support for those with back pain or discomfort. Some products are also eligible for a VAT refund for those with disabilities — learn more

You can learn more about lift and rise chairs in our buying guide, as well as shopping a range of stylish and supportive rise and recline armchairs online now

Choosing the best armchairs for back support — and style

There are a huge array of armchairs you can consider for your living room. From upholstery options to design features, this is one of the most diverse furniture categories. And if you’re looking for back support and comfort, these stylistic details may come secondary to the importance of choosing an armchair that will help you rest and relax. 

However, sometimes it may feel like the more comfort an armchair offers, the less stylish it gets. Extra cushioning adds bulkiness, and upholstery that is hard-wearing and designed for everyday use tends to have less selection in terms of colours and patterns. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find plenty of chic yet comfortable options for armchairs to suit your home. Even a very traditional and comfort-focused piece can look great when it’s well made and crafted from high-quality materials. And of course, there are also fashion-forward options that suit the latest interior decorating trends while also giving you the cushioning and comfort you need for proper back support. 

We’ve gathered up a few lists of our favourite sitting room seating, such as this blog featuring 7 irresistible armchairs and a look at 8 of our top online sellers, but you can also explore a whole range of armchairs on our site and in store

Looking for more great living room seating? With sofas, sofa beds, occasional chairs, and more you’re sure to find that perfect combination of style and comfort for your space. Shop now online or at our Kerry and Limerick showrooms, or get in touch with our furniture experts to find your ideal armchairs today.

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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