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Aster Curved Back Dining Chair

Aster Curved Back Dining Chair

RRP: 209.00219.00

  • Dimensions: 54 W x 56 D x 79 H cm
  • Seat height:  47 cm
  • Timeless Elegance Tails: The Aster Curved Back Dining Chair boasts a classic charm that spruces up any space, perfect for those seeking a dash of dining room dazzle.
  • Touchable Textured Triumph: Clad in a sumptuous, textured fabric, this chair is a seriously plush haven for posterior pampering.
  • Curvaceous Comfort Charmer: With its distinctively curved back and armrests that cut a chic silhouette, this chair melds ergonomic ecstasy with aesthetic allure.
  • Colourful Choices to Cherish: Available in a trio of tantalising tones—brown, grey, and a vibrant orange—ready to harmonise or highlight your home’s hue harmony.
  • Dining Duo Deluxe: Pair it with the Aster Sintered Stone Dining Table for a match made in home decor heaven.
  • Aster Range Rendezvous: Part of the Aster range, ensuring your dining space stays as coordinated as a choreographed ballet.
Number of variations: 3
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Dining in Debonair Style With the Aster Curved Back Dining Chair

Meet the Aster Curved Back Dining Chair: more a throne for everyday kings and queens than just a dining chair chair. Its timeless design whispers elegance into every corner of your dining room, turning suppers into sumptuous soirees.

Luxury you can feel

Why settle for a chair when you can have a comfortable cloud? The Aster's rich, textured fabric is a love letter to your comfort, promising a soft and sophisticated embrace that makes you linger longer over every meal.

Curve appeal

Curves in all the right places—that's Aster's design philosophy. The distinctive curved back and cut-out armrests are a visual treat as much as they are a hug for your spine, proving that true beauty can indeed be comfortable.

Colour your world

Brown, grey, or orange—the Aster Curved Back Dining Chair dresses to impress. Choose your shade and watch this chair become the chameleon of your dining decor, fitting in yet standing out.

Dynamic duos

Pair it with the Aster Sintered Stone Dining Table, and voila! You have a conversation piece, a dynamic duo that's as pleasing to the eye as it is to the dinner conversation.

Part of a posh dining parade

As a proud member of the Aster range, the Aster Curved Back Dining Chair chair doesn't just set the bar; it is the bar. It's a statement in style, waiting to elevate your dining experience from mundane to magical.

Dimensions and Details

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 54 × 56 × 79 cm
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