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Backcare Supreme Ortho Mattress by Respa


Backcare Supreme Ortho Mattress by Respa

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  • Stalwart Spinal Ally: Medium to firm support mattress that’s just right for keeping your spine in line, much like a strict but fair headmaster.
  • Firm Foundation, No Folly: Boasts a 12.5 gauge in the RespaTech Ortho Spring System, with an edge-to-edge frame that stands its ground
  • Cushioned Comfort, No Compromise: Extra layers provide a cushioned yet firm embrace, ensuring your posture stays correct, even if your life choices don’t.
  • Breathability That’s a Breath of Fresh Air: 3D Airflow Technology is paired with side air vents, keeping the mattress fresher than a morning daisy.
  • Elevated Elegance: At a lofty 29cm, finished in plush knitted soft touch fabric (Malta, Taupe), because your sleep should always dress to impress.
  • Quilted with a Touch of Quirk: Luxurious traditional quilting meets cushioned layers for unique comfort.
  • Spine’s Best Friend: Tailor-made for those seeking unparalleled backcare, because your back deserves the best.
  • A Turn for the Better: Regular turning and rotation are advised, adding years to your mattress’s life and, hopefully, to your sleeping bliss.
  • Prolong the life of your mattress with a mattress protector
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The Backcare Supreme Ortho Mattress: A Symphony of Support and Sophistication

Embrace the embrace of medium-to-firm support, where maintaining spinal alignment is as effortless as sinking into your favourite armchair. The Backcare Supreme is less like a mattress and more like a steadfast ally in the battle against back woes.

Foundational Fortitude With a Side of Firmness

Featuring a 12.5 gauge courtesy of the RespaTech Ortho Spring System, this ortho mattress offers a firmness that’s as reliable as an Irish summer rain—predictable, dependable, and wonderfully refreshing with its edge-to-edge stability.

Comfort Layered With Care

Dive into extra layers of cushioned support, offering a firm yet forgiving surface that ensures your posture remains impeccable, even as you venture into dreamland. It's like sleeping on a firm cloud, if such a paradox existed.

A Breath of Fresh Air, Literally

Thanks to 3D Airflow Technology and strategic side air vents, this ortho mattress stays fresh as a spring morning, ensuring a sleep environment that's perpetually crisp.

Standing Tall in Taupe

At a statuesque 29cm and adorned in plush knitted soft touch fabric (Malta, Taupe), the Backcare Supreme Ortho Mattress doesn’t just lie in your bedroom; it presides over it with the grace of a regal monarch, elevating your sleep to levels of unmatched elegance.

Quilting That Tells a Story

The traditional quilted top, rich with cushioning layers, offers a narrative of comfort and luxury. Each stitch is a word, each layer a chapter in the epic saga of your serene slumber.

Backcare Beyond Compare

Designed with a singular focus on exceptional backcare and spinal support, the Backcare Supreme Ortho Mattress is the guardian of your nocturnal nirvana, ensuring your back is cradled with the reverence it truly deserves.

A Gentle Reminder to Rotate

Heed the mattress’s humble request for an occasional turn or rotation. It’s a small task for you but a grand gesture for the longevity and consistent comfort of your nightly haven.

With the Backcare Supreme Ortho Mattress, every night is an opportunity to treat your back to a vacation, enveloped in the luxurious embrace of firm support, breathability, and elegance. It's a commitment to supreme backcare and sublime sleep.

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