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How to Transform a Spare Bedroom into a Home Office

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: remote and hybrid working is here to stay! If you are an office worker, you may have already transitioned to a work from home routine either full time or in conjunction with in-office working, and if that’s the case, you need to upgrade your home office setup to match this new work environment. 

Your house or apartment may have enough space for you to dedicate an entire room to a home office. However, it is much more likely that when you buy office chairs, a desk, and all the other accoutrements for your work from home setup, they will be sharing space with a guest bedroom or other area of your house. 

How do you include everything you need in your home office while keeping it comfy for guests as a spare bedroom? Read on for our top tips on transforming a room into a versatile and functional space. 

Use storage to compartmentalise the space

In a spare bedroom that doubles as a home office, storage is key. If you have office equipment from your company, such as a laptop or computer monitor, then you need to take good care of these items. You may also have confidential documents or files that you don’t want left out in the open when you’re not working. 

And work requirements aside, you want your visitors to feel comfortable when they are staying in your guest bedroom. Keeping the room tidy and organised will create a relaxed space for your visitors to rest, and will also keep them from worrying that they might accidentally disrupt your workspace. 

Choosing good storage options for your spare bedroom home office will set you up for success both in your working hours and when you’re being the host with the most for your guests. You should include the key pieces of bedroom and office storage such as a wardrobe, bookshelves, and so on, but you might also want to opt for storage that is specific to the multifunctional nature of your space. 

For example, you might choose a desk with several drawers so that you can put away your laptop, notebooks, and such when you are not in the room working. A storage unit with wooden doors rather than glass panels can conceal office or bedroom materials so as not to draw focus to the contents while still keeping them close at hand whenever you need them. 

Buy office chairs that can double as loungers

If you are only bringing work home with you occasionally, you might be using your kitchen table and a dining chair to serve as your workspace, or you may simply be sitting with your laptop on the couch. That’s fine for short, sporadic periods, but if you are transitioning to a hybrid or remote working setup, then you need to think about your long-term physical health and invest in furniture that will offer you comfort and support throughout your working day. 

When you buy office chairs for your home office, choosing a chair that will support good posture is key. However, when your home office is also a space where you’ll welcome visitors to stay, you might want a chair that is also built for lounging. 

There are a number of different types of office chairs you can choose from when you’re setting up your workspace, so look for a chair that offers ample cushioning and soft upholstery, rather than a minimalist model with a thin mesh design. This way, if your guests want to use your office chair, they’ll be just as comfortable as you are when you’re utilising it for your workday. 

Decorate your space to suit both purposes

When you’re creating a guest bedroom your visitors will love, your decor choices might be quite different than when you’re setting up a space to spend your workday. A bedroom is all about soft comfort and welcoming warmth, while a home office is more focused on motivation, productivity, and organised tidiness. 

However, there are some areas in which your spare bedroom and home office decor can overlap, and this is where you should focus your attention when you’re transforming your spare bedroom into a place where you can also carry out your workday routine. 

Plants are a great addition to any room, but this is particularly true in bedrooms and home offices alike. Houseplants bring a positive atmosphere to your space, refreshing a room and bringing a touch of natural beauty indoors. This makes them perfect for both brightening up the daily routine of your workweek and for creating a relaxing space for guests. 

Wall art is another great way to accent your home office / spare bedroom. With wall art, you can showcase your personality and choose pieces that you’ll enjoy seeing when you look away from your computer screen, and they also bring a personal touch to the room that will remind your visitors of you, 

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At Corcoran’s Furniture, we have everything you need to turn your spare bedroom into a home office that is as perfect for your 9 to 5 as it is for your weekend visitors. Set up a space that is inspiring, comfortable, and versatile with help from our range of office furniture, accessories, and more. 

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Lauren Mateer

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