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What are the Benefits of Buying Mirrored Wardrobes?

When you’re furnishing your bedroom, you may be considering a variety of types of mirrors. Different mirrors can have different functions in your bedroom — a full-length mirror is great for checking your outfit, while a vanity mirror is ideal for applying cosmetics or skincare. Some mirrors can also make your bedroom look larger or brighter. 

Mirrored wardrobes are also an excellent choice for many bedrooms. A wardrobe with doors that open out, or with sliding doors, can be affixed with a mirror on the front, and there are a multitude of reasons to add this type of furniture to your bedroom. Read on to learn more about the fabulous benefits that mirrored wardrobes can offer to enhance your home decor. 

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Add functional style to your bedroom

Obviously, the key appeal of mirrored wardrobes is that they offer a two-in-one solution that combines the storage functionality of a wardrobe with the practical visual of a full-length mirror. Whether your bedroom is short on space or you simply like convenience, furniture that can pull double-duty is always a great option. 

The orientation of the mirror on mirrored wardrobes is also preferable to other types of full-length mirrors for many people. Because it is affixed to the door of the wardrobe, the mirror is perfectly straight rather than angled as a mirror with a floor stand would be. 

Maximise space and make your room look bigger

As we mention above, when you combine a mirror and a wardrobe you’re instantly making better use of your space and minimising the footprint of your furniture. In a small bedroom, this can be important for ensuring that you can fit in all the furniture you need without ending up with a crowded, cluttered room. 

Mirrored wardrobes with full-length mirrored doors reflect your entire room and create an optical illusion that your bedroom is twice its actual size. Not only does reflecting the space make your room appear bigger, but the mirror will also reflect natural and artificial light and brighten up your room. 

Additionally, while you can choose mirrored wardrobes with doors that open out, there are also wardrobes with mirrors and sliding doors. This is particularly good for a small bedroom because you don’t have to consider the space in front of the wardrobe when determining the total size it will take up in your room. 

Enjoy versatile, easy-maintenance appeal

If you’re a low-maintenance person, mirrored wardrobes are an excellent pick for your bedroom furniture. While some people think that mirrored wardrobes are more difficult to clean than regular wardrobes because you have to wipe down the mirror rather than simply doing a quick dust, they are actually very simple to clean. 

Another nice thing about mirrored wardrobes is that, while some of them offer standalone style, many are part of ranges you might already be considering for your bedroom furniture. When you choose a mirrored wardrobe from a collection that also features beds, dressers, or nightstands, you can effortlessly coordinate your bedroom setup. 

Upgrade your bedroom with mirrored wardrobes

Are you convinced of the benefits of buying mirrored wardrobes? Do you want to add this stylish and practical storage essential to your bedroom? Shop mirrored wardrobes online now or visit any of our Corcoran’s Furniture showrooms in Kerry and Limerick to find the best wardrobes with mirrors for your bedroom. 

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