2022 Living Room Trends

2022 Living Room Trends 

If you revamp one room in your home this year, make it the sitting room. It’s one of the most heavily trafficked areas in your house or apartment, not only seeing daily use by your family but also by anyone who visits. It’s prime real estate in your home, so if your sitting room furniture is starting to look worn or dated, if your walls are sad and bland, and if you’re lacking the decor that gives your room a zing, it’s time to learn about some 2022 living room trends you’ll love for your home. 

While these 2022 living room trends represent what’s hot in interior design right now, they’re not fleeting fads. Incorporate these 2022 living room trends into your home to create a space that is not only on-trend now, but that will also maintain stylish appeal for years to come. Read on for some of our favourite trends to enhance your sitting room for the new year. 

Shades of green

As we discussed in our general look at upcoming interiors trends, green tones comprise the most popular colour palette for the new year. And your living room is the perfect place to deploy those botanical tones. 

According to colour theory, green offers a lively, healthy, and restorative atmosphere for a space, exactly the emotions you would be looking for in a cheerful and welcoming sitting room. 

Plus, your living room tends to be a space where you find a mix of materials — from fabric or leather seating to wood or metal coffee tables and TV units. Because green offers such a versatile spectrum of colours from vibrant limes to neutral olives, it is easy to find colours to complement an array of material choices. 

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Lived in looks

Gone are the days of formal sitting rooms that nobody uses. The time spent at home over the last two years and the need for at-home work and school spaces has meant that every area of the house has needed to find a useful purpose. 

To that end, one of our favourite 2022 living room trends is embracing that departure from sharp, clean lines and stoic settings. 

Instead, opt for a more lived in look with layers and textures. Stack rugs or throws on top of each other for extra cosiness, add plenty of seating — even if it doesn’t all perfectly match! — and pad out your sofa with pillows. Turn the room into an inviting space to host friends or simply to enjoy time at home with your family. 

Modular everything

Modular sofas are great in unconventionally-shaped spaces or when you need extra seating to accommodate a large family. One of the 2022 living room trends we love is to add that modular style to other parts of your sitting room. 

One of the benefits of modular furniture is that you can rearrange it as necessary. For example, creating a coffee table out of a nest of tables means that you can minimise its footprint when you need more floor space, then spread it out as needed to have surface area for placing tea cups or reading the newspaper. 

A modular TV unit is also a great option for your living room, ensuring that you have just the right amount of storage for all your electronics, game consoles, and more, in an aesthetically-pleasing display. 

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A nesting coffee table like the Sorgeal can create a modular look for your space. 

Wallpaper and wall coverings

From florals to murals, wallpaper has become a popular fixture of today’s homes, and that continues through 2022 living room trends. Whether you’re embracing cottagecore-inspired styling or adding an artistic element to your space, wallpaper is a great option for your sitting room. 

Because the living room tends to be one of the larger areas of your house, wallpaper with a minimalist motif can keep the space from being overwhelmed by pattern (unless that’s what you’re after, of course!). Similarly, add a bold pattern to just one wall to create a dramatic accent.

Looking for a more textural, less permanent alternative to wallpapering your sitting room? A tapestry-style wall covering can add dimension and visual interest to your space. Try a natural material like jute or linen for an airy, earthy look. 

2022 living room trends at Corcoran’s

If you love the 2022 living room trends outlined here and want to incorporate them into your home in the new year, then why not shop online or visit us in store to find pieces that will be perfect for a green-themed space, a cosy and welcoming room, a modular seating area, or a wallpaper-accented home.

At Corcoran’s, we have everything to revamp your living room from floor to ceiling, and everything in between. Shop furniture, paint, flooring, and accessories, and turn a drab living room into your dream space. 

Need help figuring out which 2022 living room trends will look best in your home, or how to add them to your existing decor? Get in touch! Our interiors experts are always happy to answer questions and find the right pieces for your home. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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