Black Console Tables

If you want to make certain that your next furniture purchase matches the rest of your decor, then black console tables are an excellent choice. They also provide lots of other benefits, such as making good use of smaller spaces and increasing the storage and flexibility of hallways. Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has black console tables aplenty to browse and buy online.

Why choose black console tables?

There are lots of reasons to select a black console table for your home, primarily the sheer variety of styles and sizes available here at Corcoran’s.

The range includes:

Wood console tables

Hard-wearing, solid wood tables are a good investment, and we offer them in a number of styles, including industrial-inspired units as well as more traditionally designed examples. Plus, they can be ideal if you want to be able to store more items in the hallways and other narrow areas of your home without taking up too much space with something like a dresser or sideboard.

Metal console tables

For a more modern look, black console tables made with materials such as metal will definitely meet your requirements. You can also find plenty of black console tables with colourful accents such as gold, which really helps the other elements pop.

We also supply splendid black console tables constructed from a variety of other materials, including tempered glass and ceramic surfaces, to really jazz up areas of your home that might otherwise feel a little drab. We deliver console tables direct to customers across Ireland, and we also have stores in Kerry and Limerick where you can see our products up close before you decide.

So much more furniture available

Corcoran’s can accommodate the needs of every customer thanks to our expansive line-up of furniture products. From armchairs and recliners to bed frames and wardrobes, we have got you covered. We also have dining tables, patio sets, flooring, bathroom tiles, and of course interior design accessories to put the finishing touches on any room.

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