Narrow Console Tables

Need furniture for your hallway that does not create an obstruction? Narrow console tables are the answer, and at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets we have a multitude of designs in this range. You can match your table to the decor you already have at home or explore something new and striking with a quality console table that stands out.

Optimise your use of space with narrow console tables

Hallways are high-traffic areas, and so narrow console tables are really the only choice for customers who do not have a lot of width to work with.

Thankfully, with a no-compromises approach to both quality and aesthetics, our narrow console tables will broaden your horizons rather than reducing them. The range includes:

Wood console tables

Narrow enough to avoid monopolising a hallway or small living room, console tables made from solid wood and finished in a number of colours are available to order from our site for home delivery, and can also be seen at our stores in Kerry and Limerick.

Glass console tables

Narrow console tables with glass tops are a good investment, not only as a result of their stylishness and contemporary credibility but also because glass is a great material for keeping clean. This is especially relevant if spills and smears are a part of your everyday life at home.

Metal console tables

Slim, slender, and seriously easy on the eye, our narrowest metal console tables can be retro-inspired or modern in terms of their design, so your personal tastes are catered to by Corcoran’s range.

These tables all offer other perks, such as varied storage in the form of drawers, cupboards, and baskets, so your options are extensive.

A fuller look at our furniture line up

From leather recliners and retro armchairs to industrial dining tables and picturesque patio furniture, Corcoran’s is home to almost every type of furniture for your home that you could imagine. Whether you need to overhaul your bedroom, replace the tiles in your bathroom, or just spruce up your living room with accessories, we have what you need.

How to contact us

Getting in touch with Corcoran’s is quick and easy. Call our team on 064 669 1112 for a chat about your furniture requirements, or send us questions via email using the contact page on our site. A friendly, experienced response is always available.