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swivel chairs

What Roles Can Swivel Chairs Be Used for Around the Home?

Swivel chairs can be a great addition to so many rooms of your house. While a chair with a swivel base may call to mind a corporate setting or a doctor’s office, there are actually a number of great purposes for which you can use swivel chairs in your home. 

This versatile chair type can have a place in your living room, home office, dining area, and more, bringing functional appeal as well as style to a room. Read on to learn our favourite ways to incorporate swivel chairs into your space.  

In the living room: swivel into relaxed comfort

Swivel chairs are a great addition to a casual living room seating setup. You can find swivel armchairs that evoke the look of stately office seating, or round ‘cuddler’ chairs that feature ample cushioning for cosy comfort. 

Whatever look you choose for your chairs, swivel seating offers you the convenience of being able to turn as needed to grab the remote, rest your feet on a nearby ottoman, and more. A swivel chair is useful for those with lower back pain, as it relieves the need to twist and stretch to reach things on coffee or side tables. 

Swivel armchairs are also ideal in family homes with babies because of their movable designs. If you are trying to soothe a cranky infant, being able to slowly sway back and forth offers calming movement to help them rest.