Blue Velvet Sofas

When you’re looking for a sofa that will make a statement, consider blue velvet couches from Corcoran’s.

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When you’re looking for a sofa that will make a statement, consider blue velvet couches from Corcoran’s. Grand and luxurious, but also soft and comfortable, blue velvet sofas promise a perfect blend of form and function that is suited for any space. Our velvet sofa range is full of bestsellers, with blue velvet couches being particular favourites, and it’s easy to see—and feel—why when you experience the fabulous velvet fabric that covers them. 

Blue velvet sofas offer decor dramatics

The rich hues of blue velvet sofas make them star pieces in your sitting room, or a lovely option for glamorous accent seats in bedrooms or anywhere else in the house. Navys, royal blues, or jewel tones: our blue velvet settees bring a full spectrum of stunning tones to your space. And the smooth, tactile fabric is touchably soft and luxurious, ideal for an elegantly styled room or one with a fashion-forward focus. 

Blue velvet 2 seaters and other sizes

Whether you’re looking to seat two, three, or more people, we have a blue velvet sofa to match. Choose a blue velvet 2 seater sofa for a smaller living room space or as a bedroom furniture accent, or go big with a blue velvet 3 seater sofa that will take place of pride in a room. We also have coordinating blue velvet suites so you can create a matching look across your sitting room seating options

Blue velvet sofas for sale are just the start

Blue velvet couches are a perfect pick to become the centrepiece of a new sitting room decor setup, thanks to their glamorous designs and bold styling, so once you’ve chosen a new blue velvet couch, it’s time to think about the rest of your living room furnishings. At Corcoran’s, we have everything you need for a floor to ceiling refresh, with living room furniture, flooring, curtains, and more ready to fit the bill. Of course, we can also kit out the rest of your house from our range as well; plus, we have all the accessories to match. Whether you’re shopping online or visiting our Kerry and Limerick stores, let your decor dreams become a reality with Corcoran’s. 

Questions answered by our team

If you have any questions about blue velvet sofas or anything else from our diverse collection, our experienced sales team and furniture specialists are here to help. Simply ring us on 064 669 112 or use our email contact form to get in touch; we’re here to answer your queries and provide expert advice.

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