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Bohemia Floral Rug

Bohemia Floral Rug

RRP: 124.99

  • 160 x 230 x 1 cm
  • A plush 1 cm pile height, because your toes deserve a little luxury.
  • Masterfully melded from polypropylene and polyester for that superior touch.
  • Tailored for the living room, because that’s where all great tales unfold.
  • Embellished with a chic floral pattern that’s more artwork than rug.
  • A rose by any other name? Here, have a multitude of them.
  • Radiates in vibrant hues, because every room should have its moment in the sun.
  • Just a shining star from the resplendent Bohemia collection.

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Bohemia Floral Rug: Where Floors Meet Florals in Flair

A blooming good addition

Your floor called; it’s craving a floral embrace. Enter the Bohemia Floral Rug: an epitome of elegance and the art of chic. A tapestry so vivacious, you’d almost expect the roses to waft their fragrance.

Palette perfection in a floral rug

Bathed in a sea of vibrant colours, this rug isn’t just about bringing warmth; it's about illuminating your space with the gaiety of a thousand blossoms.

Craftsmanship, darling!

Spun from the most delightful blend of polypropylene and polyester, this rug redefines comfort. That plush 1 cm pile? Think of it as the red carpet for your toes, each step echoing a soft sigh of contentment.

A floral rug designed for the limelight

Sure, it's tailored for living rooms, but let’s be candid: it's a show-stealer wherever it lays. And why shouldn't it be? When you're adorned with such a magnificent montage of roses, staying under the radar is simply out of the question.

From the exquisite Bohemia range

Of course, it hails from the Bohemia collection. Because when you’re this dazzling, ordinary just doesn’t cut it. So, unfurl this masterpiece and let your floors revel in the applause. After all, even they deserve their standing ovation.

Dimensions and Details

Dimensions 160 × 230 × 1 cm



160×230 cm


Pink, Blue

Pile height

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