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Disproving 5 Common Myths About Leather Sofas

Leather is a classic pick for sofa upholstery in both traditional and contemporary living room seating. However, there are some common myths about leather sofas that sometimes make people hesitant about choosing this upholstery type for their sofas and chairs. 

Well, we’re here to alleviate your worries and dispel some common myths when it comes to buying leather sofas. Find out which common beliefs about leather sofas are just misconceptions, and learn why leather seating is a fabulous pick for your living room.  

Myth 1: leather is too expensive

When most people think of leather sofas, they think of luxury: handcrafted pieces made by master artisans, from the finest materials that only the wealthiest shoppers can afford. And it certainly is true that leather can be extremely expensive. But, like most furniture types, you can find leather sofas to suit a large range of budgets

Furthermore, leather sofas offer long-lasting durability, making them excellent value for money. There’s a reason you will often encounter antique or heirloom leather sofas that are passed down through the generations. While leather may require a larger initial investment than other upholstery types, its longevity offers fantastic value over time. 

Myth 2: Leather is cold and uncomfortable

If you’ve ever gotten into a car with leather seats on a warm day then you already know that this myth is false, but many people still believe that leather is too cold for a cosy living room sofa. In actuality, leather is extremely adaptable. Leather is porous and breathable, and takes on the temperature of the room it’s in. 

It’s true that sometimes you may find leather sofas to be a bit cooler to the touch initially than their fabric counterparts, but once you sit down for a few minutes the leather will adapt to your body heat and become a comfy, warm space to lounge.

Furthermore, one of the many benefits of leather sofas is that they complement any colour palette, so if you’re worried about warming up your leather sofa then you can style it with plush cushions and throws for perfectly cosy seating. 

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Myth 3: Leather isn’t sturdy enough for family homes

Because leather is so often associated with opulent furnishings and sophisticated spaces, you may worry that a leather sofa isn’t durable enough to stand up to kids, pets, and everyday use. Luckily, if you love the look of leather, this common belief is not at all true! 

Leather offers natural elasticity to help keep its shape, and it can withstand wear and tear with ease. Leather also looks great as it ages, so even if it acquires a few scratches or scuffs over time, it will still maintain its stylish appearance. 

Myth 4: Leather requires too much maintenance 

All furniture needs care and maintenance to keep it looking and feeling fresh throughout its lifespan. However, it’s a myth that leather sofas are more finicky or higher-maintenance than other furniture types. As long as you get into the habit of dusting your leather regularly and vacuuming it as needed, you will not have to do much heavy-duty cleaning to your leather sofas. 

That said, when you are maintaining your leather furniture, make sure to use products specially designed for this material type as regular cleaning products can stain or damage it. A leather care kit such as this one from Guardsman will help to clean and protect your leather sofas for years to come. 

Myth 5: Leather doesn’t offer enough variety

Because leather is an organic material, if you want to keep it in the most natural state possible (obviously all leather needs some treatment in order to be used as furniture upholstery) then your spectrum of colour choices will mainly be neutral shades of brown. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have a huge array of choices when you shop for leather sofas! 

You can find leather sofas in every sort of style and size, from compact loveseats to spacious corners, with designs that range from the plushly-cushioned and traditional, to the sleekly-shaped and modern. And if shades of brown aren’t your preference, there are plenty of dyed leather options for a whole host of colourful sofa picks. 

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If you want to learn even more about leather sofas and the different types of leather you might find in furniture upholstery, read our buying guide

And if you have any further questions, our expert team is always happy to help. Just get in touch and we’ll tell you anything you want to know about luxurious leather, or provide our knowledgeable advice and assistance in choosing the best sofas for your space.

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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