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Disproving Common Myths About Geometric Rugs

Geometric patterns are one of the most popular designs for patterned area rugs. However, you may find yourself hesitant to add this flooring accessory to a room. Will the rug fit in with your other decor? Is the pattern too loud or too bold? Are geometric prints dated, or will they make the room appear dark and small? 

If you’ve got concerns about any of these factors, don’t worry! We’re here to dispel some common myths about geometric rugs and show why this stylish flooring accessory will look great just about anywhere in your home. Read on to learn more… 

Do geometric rugs make your room look smaller? 

Because geometric patterns are bold and busy, you might worry that adding a geometric rug to a small room will make the room feel cramped and less spacious. But in reality, vibrant patterns can look great even in compact spaces. A statement-making geometric design brings dimension to your floors, offering visual interest and an inviting atmosphere. 

If you are worried about overwhelming a small room with the bold design of geometric rugs, you can always opt for more neutral colours and simpler patterns throughout the rest of the room’s furnishings and decor, creating a balanced look that is well-suited for small and large rooms alike.

Are geometric rugs going out of style? 

As with most things, there are trends within the patterns you tend to see in home decor, and these patterns come and go in and out of fashion over time. And it’s true that there are certain geometric patterns that might feel dated if you put them in your home today.

However, the category of geometric rugs is very broad, and it encompasses a number of different styles and patterns. While there might be some patterns you wouldn’t choose for a contemporary decor look, there are plenty of options that will look modern and on-trend in any room. 

Will a geometric rug fit in with my decor? 

Geometric rugs definitely make a statement thanks to their bold designs. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t easily complement the rest of your decor. While you can choose to let them really stand out with a vivid colour palette, there are also plenty of options that utilise neutral tones for a more subtle look, or which feature patterns that are geometric but simple, rather than ornately detailed. 

Likewise, you can pull from the colours of the rug to inspire the rest of your decor for a coordinated look. If your rug is multicoloured, re-use the colours of the rug across your other accessories such as cushions and throws. You can also do the reverse, and select a rug whose colour palette reflects the colour choices of your furniture, walls, and other elements of the room. 

Choose Corcoran’s geometric rugs for every room

We love the bold style of geometric rugs, and we hope you’re convinced that these vibrant flooring accessories have a place in your decor. Shop our fabulous selection of rugs online or visit us in store to see even more options to suit every floor in your home. 

A geometric rug is a perfect accent to bring vivid style to your space, and our high-quality rugs are designed with excellent materials and craftsmanship to bring long-lasting appeal to your decor. 

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Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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