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Double Sofa Beds – Are They Comfortable and Do They Really Hold Two People?

Is your home too small for a dedicated guest bedroom? Do you often have unexpected visitors that you need to accommodate overnight? Do you love furniture that offers multifunctional style for your space? If the answer to all these questions is ‘yes,’ then double sofa beds could be a great addition to your furnishings. 

However, many people still feel misconceptions about double sofa beds, believing that they should only be used as a last resort for sleeping, that they aren’t actually comfortable, or that they aren’t large enough to accommodate two people. Some folks also worry that sofa beds are limited in their looks, and will detract from the style of your space. 

Luckily, double sofa beds are actually a stylish, spacious, and comfortable addition to your living room, guest bedroom, or anywhere you want to place them in your home. Read on to learn more about double sofa beds and how these pieces can make the perfect multipurpose furniture for your home. 

Are double sofa beds comfortable? 

For the most part, it’s true that a sofa bed shouldn’t be your main port of call when it comes to a space to sleep. The mattresses on sofa beds are generally thinner and less supportive than traditional mattresses, and some sofa beds don’t use a mattress at all but just transform the couch cushions into your sleeping base. 

That said, it’s rare that someone relies solely on a sofa bed; generally they are used for occasional sleeping, when you need an extra bed in your home for your overnight guests. A sofa bed is far preferable to sleeping on a traditional couch, a cot, or a sleeping bag on the floor. For visitors staying the night, double sofa beds offer plenty of support and comfort to ensure they get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. 

Are double sofa beds good for small homes? 

Sofa beds are an ideal addition to your home if you’re short on space. If you don’t have a spare bedroom for guests, or if your guest bedroom has to share with your home office or a kids’ playroom, sofa beds are perfect for serving a dual purpose without limiting the style or function of the room.  

If you choose a bed instead of a sofa bed for your guest bedroom, then using that room for a home office or playroom as well can feel like you’re intruding on the room’s main purpose. And naturally if you don’t have space for a spare bedroom at all and you have your overnight visitors sleep in the living room, there’s no way to keep a bed there all the time. A sofa bed can be a perfect compromise, offering a sleeping space when needed and providing extra seating the rest of the time. 

Are double sofa beds big enough for two people? 

The term ‘double sofa bed’ can refer to two different things. Sometimes, it means a two-seater sofa that converts into a bed, and sometimes it means any size sofa bed that, when converted into its sleeping configuration, forms a double bed. 

Two-seater sofas that convert into beds may or may not be big enough to sleep two. Sometimes a sofa bed is designed for only one person, with its design being as compact as possible to save on space. However, there are plenty of sofa beds that convert into full double beds that will perfectly accommodate two sleepers. You can always look at the dimensions of the sofa bed and compare them to double beds to be sure. 

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