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Eileen Slatted Oak Dining Chair

Eileen Slatted Oak Dining Chair

RRP: 179.00

  • 43.5 W x 51.5 D x 95 H cm
  • Modern Slatted Back: The Eileen Slatted Oak Dining Chair flaunts a modern slatted back that’s as supportive as a good friend—stylish, reliable, and always there for you during dinner parties.
  • Butcher’s Block Radiused Top: With a top that nods to the radiused butcher’s block style, this chair boasts quality and craftsmanship that could make a butcher jealous.
  • Durable Lacquered Finish: Clad in a lacquer finish so durable, it’s practically knight armour for oak, protecting its grain and charm against the sieges of daily life.
  • Complementary to Interiors: The EileenSlatted Oak Dining Chair is like a social chameleon, seamlessly blending into any interior decor with its natural oak finish. It’s the guest that every room invites.
  • Robust Construction: Built with the sturdiness of a fortress, the Eileen slatted chair’s robust oak frame ensures it’s more than capable of handling your daily sit-down affairs, no matter the occasion.
  • Part of the Eileen range
Number of variations: 3
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Eileen Slatted Oak Dining Chair: Where Style Meets Support

The Eileen Slatted Oak Dining Chair is a testament to what happens when modern design shakes hands with traditional craftsmanship. With its slatted back offering both aesthetic appeal and lumbar support, it's the kind of chair that whispers, "Sit back, relax, and let's make those long dinners a bit more comfortable."

Craftsmanship That Stands Out

Echoing the bespoke quality of a radiused butcher's block, the top of this slatted oak dining chair isn't just about sitting; it's about making a statement. It's where quality meets craftsmanship, providing a seat at the table that's synonymous with artisanal charm and a nod to the meticulous.

A Knight in Shining Armour

Protected by a durable lacquer finish, this chair is more than ready to face the day. It's the silent guardian of the oak's natural grain, highlighting its beauty and ensuring that this piece isn't just part of the furniture; it's part of the family.

The Social Chameleon

With its natural oak finish, the Eileen Slatted Oak Dining Chair is designed to complement any interior decor. Whether your dining room whispers rustic charm or shouts modern minimalism, this chair adapts, fitting in without ever fading into the background.

Built to Last

Sturdiness is at the heart of the Eileen Chair's design. Crafted from robust oak, it's built to withstand the rigours of daily use. Its a chair for lingering, laughing, and creating memories that last a lifetime.

In the realm of dining chairs, the Eileen Slatted Oak Dining Chair is a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and durability.

Dimensions and Details

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 43.5 × 51.5 × 95 cm
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