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Gel Splendor Cooling Mattress by Respa

Gel Splendor Cooling Mattress by Respa

RRP: 849.001,549.00

  • Medium-soft support
  • Border height – 29.5 H cm
  • Overall height – 32 H cm
  • RespaGel grid absorbs heat and keeps you feeling cool, clean, and fresh
  • Luxurious traditional quilting with cushioning layers
  • RespaForm pocket sprung system with individually pocketed springs
  • Sleepfresh allergen control technology using 100% natural probiotics
  • Thermoregulation with cooling gel to help you maintain a stable body temperature
  • Encased in a robust foam frame adding support
  • Prolong the life of your mattress with a mattress protector
Number of variations: 5
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Cool comfort and ultimate relaxation with the Gel Splendor Cooling Mattress

Deliver indulgence with our Gel Splendor Cooling Mattress, a non-turn mattress that absorbs excess heat leaving you feeling cool and refreshed at all times.

What is the purpose of cooling gel in a mattress?

Cooling gels are engineered to dissipate heat from the sleeper, ensuring you experience a more pleasant surface temperature for enhanced comfort. With fresh and innovative Thermoregulation technology, the Gel Splendor Cooling Mattress helps to stabilise body temperature guaranteeing a cool and blissful night's sleep.

The foam encapsulated full-bodied foam frame offers support, while individual pocketed springs guarantee ultimate comfort.

The Gel Splendor Cooling Mattress is rated at a medium-soft comfort rating which will have you sinking into an indulgent night’s sleep in no time.

With the latest sleepfresh allergen control technology, our Gel Splendor Cooling Mattress uses 100% natural probiotic technology to ensure you get the most hygienic, revitalised and sleep-easy night of your life.

As for its design, this tempting mattress carries deluxe traditional quilting with cushioned layers and offers an enticing presence which will have you dreaming before your head hits the pillow.

Pair it with a favourite headboard or divan base to complete the look in style!

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