Kitchen Bar Stools

Kitchen bar stools can serve so many purposes in everyday life.

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Kitchen bar stools can serve so many purposes in everyday life. Whether you need bar stools for kitchen island setups or kitchen stools that slot neatly under a breakfast bar, the line-up at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets is sure to tick all the boxes. Order kitchen high stools from our website for home delivery.

A bevvy of kitchen bar stools to choose from

The range of kitchen counter stools supplied by Corcoran’s is impressively varied, with options including:

Adjustable island bar stools

Adjust the height of your kitchen bar stools to match the elevation of your counters, or according to the preference of the sitter, for total flexibility and convenience.

Upholstered kitchen stools for sale

Bring comfort and colour to your room with kitchen bar stools that are fully padded and upholstered, with many different designs available to encompass contemporary styles as well as retro looks.

Wooden kitchen counter stools

Wonderful wooden kitchen bar stools are an ideal addition to any room, although they are especially suited to the kitchen or dining room. Quality materials like oak are available options, and of course, there are plenty of finishes to change the style of the stool according to your tastes.

Metal kitchen stools

If you want more of an industrial aesthetic for your kitchen counter stools, Corcoran’s has products to fit your requirements. Metal bases with built-in footrests are particularly appealing from the point of view of both durability and all-around practicality.

High stools for kitchen island units are available in lots of shapes, sizes, and colours on the Corcoran’s website, and you can also see them for yourself at our stores in Kerry and Limerick.

Broaden your furniture horizons at Corcoran’s

So many more products can be supplied courtesy of Corcoran’s, including sideboards, TV stands, sofas, recliners, armchairs, bedroom furniture, patio sets, mirrors, clocks, picture frames, accessories, and flooring. We curate a broad range of products and only choose furniture that meets our high standards for quality to ensure our customers get a good deal.

Speak to us for furniture advice & product info

Corcoran’s will be able to tell you more about our products and help you decide on the best furniture to order, so just send us an email with your details or have a chat with us by calling 064 669 1112 today.

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