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Marcella White Console Table

Marcella White Console Table

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  • 100 W x 32 D x 80 H cm
  • The Marcella White Console Table brings a touch of countryside elegance to your home with its radiant white finish. Rural chic at its finest.
  • Featuring an oak top with a white wash oil finish, the Marcella White Console Table adds a soft, organic grace to any space.
  • Choose between pewter for a touch of elegance or white-washed oak for warmth, each knob reflecting your style preference.
  • Graceful curves and slender legs offer understated sophistication, embodying elegance in every line.
  •  More than just stylish, this console table serves as a versatile stage for your keepsakes and essentials, marrying form with function.
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Marcella White Console Table: A Symphony of Style and Serenity

The Marcella White Console Table redefines rural chic, offering a stylish embrace with its dazzling white finish. It’s a warm invitation to infuse your space with the charm and tranquility of the countryside.

A Whisper from the Woods

Adorned with an oak top finished in a delicate white wash oil, the Marcella White Console Table brings the gentle essence of nature indoors. Each glance at its surface is a reminder of the serene beauty that lies in simplicity and strength.

The Perfect Touch

Your style, your choice—reflected in the choice of knobs. Whether it's the sleek elegance of pewter or the comforting warmth of white-washed oak, this table adapts to your desires,

Elegance in Every Curve

With its sophisticated silhouette marked by graceful curves and slender, tapered legs, the Marcella Console Table speaks volumes of understated elegance. It’s a testament to the beauty that resides in balance and lightness.

Versatile Beauty

The Marcella White console table transcends aesthetics, offering a versatile platform for your treasured keepsakes and daily essentials. It stands at the crossroads of functionality and elegance, making every use a statement of style.

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Dimensions 100 × 32 × 80 cm
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