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Marley Padded Bar Stool


Marley Padded Bar Stool

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  • 51 W x 42 D x 107 H cm
  • Industrial Intrigue: The Marley bar stool strides confidently into modern homes, flaunting its contemporary industrial chic with a nonchalance that suggests it knows exactly how stylish it is.
  • Metal Marvel: Crafted from solid metal, this stool endures, promising stability with a side of sturdiness that’s hard to topple.
  • Plush Perch: Offering a padded seat that marries comfort with cleanliness, it’s where derrières find delight without the dread of difficult upkeep.
  • Chameleon Colours: Cloaked in the discreet charm of grey and beige, Marley seamlessly melds into your decor, proving it’s a statement of subtle sophistication.
  • Versatile Virtuoso: With a sleek silhouette that whispers “style,”  it’s the perfect partner for bars or lofty lounges, merging utility with an undeniable flair.
  • Lineage of Elegance: Sporting contemporary lines that spell out “modern,”  the Marley bar stool is a svelte statement in any space it graces.
Number of variations: 2
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Marley Padded Bar Stool: A Symphony of Steel and Style

Enter the Marley Padded Bar Stool, parading its industrial elegance with the subtlety of a cat walking on tin roofs. It’s a statement that whispers, "Yes, I’m this stylish, and it's no accident."

Built to Last

Constructed with a solid metal frame, the Marley Padded Bar Stool scoffs at the mere concept of instability, boasting a durability that could very well outlast its owners' decor dilemmas.

The Throne of Comfort

This padded bar stool features a seat that merges the luxury of a plush cushion with the sheer convenience of a wipe-clean surface, making it as practical as it is comfortable—ideal for life's little mishaps and moments of relaxation alike.

A Study in Neutrals

Available in ever-so-sophisticated shades of grey and beige, the Marley Padded Bar Stool proves it can slide into your life (and decor scheme) with the ease of a seasoned socialite.

Versatility Meets Vanity

Ideal for any bar or high-seating area, the Marley Padded Bar Stool doesn’t just serve a purpose; it serves it with an air of panache. It’s the piece your home didn’t know was missing.

A Silhouette That Speaks Volumes

The sleek design of the Marley Padded Bar Stool whispers 'style' with the subtlety of a well-aimed innuendo. It's about making a statement that's as timeless as it is tasteful.

Dimensions and Details

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 51 × 42 × 107 cm
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