Modern Coffee Tables

Make the most of your living room with modern coffee tables, available to order online in a range of materials, styles, and colours that are in keeping with current trends. Corcoran’s can deliver modern coffee tables across the whole of Ireland. You can also visit our stores in Kerry and Limerick to see the broad range we offer up close.

Cutting edge modern coffee tables for contemporary living

While coffee tables are a classic addition to any living room, that does not mean you have to settle for old school aesthetics. At Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets you can pick from a wide range of stylish modern coffee tables, including:

Glass coffee tables

Always guaranteed to look the part in a room that opts for of-the-moment decor, glass coffee tables are eminently attractive and a breeze to clean and maintain. Corcoran’s has modern glass coffee tables of many sizes and styles, some have added storage included for practicality as well as good looks.

Metal coffee tables

Whether you are in the market for modern coffee tables that follow the industrial furniture trend with metal frames and wooden tops, or you want an even more futuristic design with metal as the dominant material, Corcoran’s has the perfect products to fit your design vision.

Wood coffee tables

Just because a coffee table is made with wood, that does not preclude it from being thoroughly modern, made to match a room designed with the latest fashions in mind. We have high-quality wooden coffee tables of all kinds, whether you are looking for something small and perfectly formed to fit into a more compact space, or a larger table that will sit proudly as the centrepiece of your room.

A world of furniture to uncover

Corcoran’s is not just about coffee tables; we have everything from patio sets and kitchen tables to bed frames, wardrobes, and design accessories like clocks, and mirrors. Our product line up even extends to encompass flooring, tiles, stoves, and fireplaces, so for more intensive home makeovers, we are also a good place to find what you require.

Discuss your needs with us today

Corcoran’s is here to help you find furniture and learn more about the products and services we offer. Please do not hesitate to call our friendly, experienced team on 064 669 1112. We also have an online contact form to send us an email.