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How to Position Office Tables and Other Workplace Productivity Essentials 

Studies show that working from home can make you more productive than being in the office. With reports of increased productivity ranging from 9% (via a joint study by academics from a number of US universities), to as high as 43% (via Owl Labs), it’s no wonder many companies are opting for remote or hybrid solutions. 

However, working from home does offer its own challenges, and one of these is creating a comfortable and productive workspace setup. Unlike in an office, where you may have had a health and safety officer look over your equipment to make sure that it is safe and supportive for your routine, at home you are probably in charge of your own area. 

Whether you’re setting up office tables and chairs in a home office or using a guest room, their placement, ensuring adequate lighting, and more, are all considerations for health and happiness when working from home. Here are some of our top tips for remote workplace productivity: 

Positioning office tables and desks

The setup of your desk, chair, and computer equipment is the most important element of your work or study space. Not only does a good layout for your office tables and chairs help to increase your productivity, but focusing on ergonomic factors is also key in ensuring you end your workday feeling healthy and comfortable rather than sore and strained. 

The height of your desk should be proportional to the height of your chair. Adjust your chair so that your feet are flat on the floor and your forearms and thighs are more or less parallel to the floor as well. 

If you have a computer monitor, it should be equal to or below eye level and a comfortable distance from your face. And everything on your desk should be set up in such a way that you don’t have to stretch too much to reach it, particularly the items you use on a frequent basis. 

Choosing the right lighting

Poor lighting can make you feel tired and stressed, while a well-lit space can help you feel refreshed and productive while you work. 

While it doesn’t matter exactly where you position office tables as long as you have sufficient lighting to prevent eye strain, setting up your desk near a source of natural light can be great for productivity and comfort. This is particularly true if you have a nice view out of your window, as it gives you a chance to look away from your computer screen and clear your mind if you start to feel overwhelmed during the workday. 

Ideally you will want to avoid positioning office tables in a way that will have you sitting with your back to a window as this can cause glare on your computer screen and force you to squint. Similarly, any artificial lighting you use should not shine directly on your screen.
If you do need artificial light, make sure to follow the key rules of including both ambient (such as overhead lights) and task lighting (such as a desk lamp) that will offer enough light for the room in general and also for the specific purposes for which you are using the space. You can read more about adequately lighting a room in our recent blog post. 

Decorating your workspace

One of the things many people like most about leaving the traditional office is that you get to trade the bland, grey walls of a cubicle for a space that is more your own. It’s nice to inject a touch of personality into your work from home setup, and adding some decorative elements to your setup can be a great way to inspire yourself throughout the day. 

However, you also want to avoid cluttering up your desk with unnecessary objects. Choosing one or two personal items like a photo frame can be a lovely way to add a personal element to your workday. If you want more, utilise decorative items in other ways. Add art to your walls or even paint or wallpaper a wall with a vibrant colour or pattern. 

Plants are another way to decorate your office tables while also adding to your productivity. According to Wired, plants can boost your productivity by up to 15% by oxygenating the air and bringing the calming influence of nature into your routine. 

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Remote working is here to stay (infographic) and your best home office setup is the one that is comfortable, ergonomically designed, and stylish to boot. And when you’re looking for the ideal desks, chairs, and decorations for a home office or study space, you should look no further than Corcoran’s Furniture

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Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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