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Are There Health Benefits Associated with Buying Recliner Chairs?

We all know that recliner chairs are a wonderfully comfortable addition to your living room seating options, ideal for relaxing on a lazy afternoon or after a long workday. But did you know that, in addition to letting you lounge with ease, there are actually some health benefits associated with buying recliner chairs that can not only offer you comfort but also improve your overall wellbeing? 

From increased circulation to better sleep, there are many reasons to add a recliner chair or two to your home. Read on to learn more! 

Should you sleep in recliner chairs? 

Most of us have dozed off in an armchair or on the sofa at one point or another, and there are some surprising health benefits to sleeping in recliner chairs. While your recliner shouldn’t replace your bed for every night sleep, an occasional nap in your recliner can lead to better quality sleep. 

Sleeping with your head somewhat elevated can help decrease snoring and increase airflow to your lungs, which makes it easier to sleep through the night. Since most of us don’t want to sleep upright in bed, or on top of a mountain of pillows, taking to your recliner chair every so often can bring you health benefits that will allow you to sleep longer and better. 

How can recliner chairs improve your circulation?

In addition to a design that tilts backwards to allow your upper body to lie down, recliner chairs also feature extending footrests that allow you to stretch out and elevate your legs. And when you raise your legs, you counteract the effects of gravity and make it easier for your heart to pump blood around your body. 

Improved circulation has a number of health benefits. When you have good circulation, you heal faster and reduce inflammation. Improving your circulation can also improve your blood pressure. It’s incredible the health benefits you might encounter simply from choosing recliner chairs for your living room seating! 

Are recliners good for back and joint pain?

Just as counteracting the effects of gravity can improve your blood flow and circulation, using recliner chairs to take the pressure off your joints can also alleviate pain and stress on your body. When you lie back in a recliner, your muscles can relax and it reduces the pressure on your spine. 

Recliner chairs usually also feature extra cushioning for your lumbar area, supporting the natural curve of your spine for proper alignment and better posture. Better posture can lead to better mobility, less pain and stress, and overall better physical wellbeing. 

Can recliner chairs improve your mental health?

The benefits of recliner chairs are not only physical! If you have a fast-paced, busy lifestyle, then taking some time for yourself to rest and relax is important for your mental health as well. And a comfortable recliner you love is the perfect place to get some well-deserved R&R. 

With an array of upholstery options, plenty of cushioning, and of course the reclining design, your favourite armchair can be an ideal spot for recharging your mental batteries and reducing the stress that stems from your daily routine. 

Where can you buy the best recliner chairs in Ireland? 

As with anything relating to your mental and physical health, talking to your doctor or a healthcare professional is important in determining the best ways to take care of your body and mind. But if you’re looking for something to incorporate into your day-to-day life that will help alleviate stress, promote good posture and circulation, and create a comfortable space to relax, then why not consider buying recliner chairs from Corcoran’s

Ready to elevate your comfort and experience relaxation like never before? Discover Corcoran’s stylish, supportive recliners, perfect for any home aesthetic.

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Lauren Mateer

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