Rental interior design ideas

Rental Interior Design Ideas 

According to the Central Statistics Office, almost 30 percent of homes and apartments in Ireland are occupied by renters, and that number continues to grow. In contrast to rentals in some countries, Irish rentals are mostly furnished when they are leased. Furnished rentals have their benefits — you don’t have to purchase your own furniture and haul it from home to home when you move — but this also means that you don’t get to choose your own style for your sofa, bed, or dining table

This means you’ll want to focus on decor and details to make your rental feel like home. But decorating as a renter can also feel daunting: how do you inject your personality without risking your security deposit? Never fear! 

We’ve gathered some of our interior design experts’ top tips for rental interior design ideas that will keep your landlord sweet, won’t add extra hassle when you move, and will give your gaff that homey feel.

Have a chat with your landlord

First thing’s first: if your landlord is a decent sort of person, you may be surprised at how much you’re allowed to change around your rented home, and what rental interior design ideas they’d be more than happy to see you implement. 

Improving their property through new wallpaper or light fixtures will raise the value of their investment, so they may be glad to have you do the work. Or perhaps they’ll let you repaint the walls, as long as you paint them back before you move. 

Make sure you get their permission in writing for any changes you plan to make, and of course you’ll want to weigh up how long you plan to stay in the rental with how much your improvements will cost, but you may find you have more flexibility than you thought in making your rental interior design ideas a reality. 

Choose statement-making textiles

Rentals tend to opt for neutral hues when it comes to furniture, flooring, and walls in order to create a space that appears to the wide variety of people that will occupy it over the years. However, this can lead to a space that feels drab and impersonal, and if your landlord isn’t the type that will let you repaint, you may feel stuck for rental interior design ideas that you can actually add to a room.

Colourful, patterned textiles are a fun way to brighten up a space and add your own personality to a rented house or apartment. Rugs, bedding, throws, curtains — you can bring those vibrant details and bold patterns to your home in a temporary, budget-friendly way that is easy to transport when you move or update when you need a change. 

Lean artwork instead of hanging

How to display artwork, mirrors, and other items that would normally hang on the wall is one of the most difficult things to figure out when you’re decorating a rental. Many landlords won’t let you put nail holes in the walls, and while there are other options like command hooks, you may want to go a different route instead.

For a simple and stylish way to display mirrors, wall art, and more, lean your pieces instead. Larger mirrors can sit on the floor, while smaller pieces can either lean against the large objects or can sit on shelves. Using a sideboard or console table as a base for your artwork is also a huge trend for 2022 we’ve already seen cropping up all over Instagram and Pinterest.

You can even layer smaller pieces against larger ones, such as a small print against a massive wall mirror, giving your space an extra artistic feel. Leaning your wall items not only eliminates the need for nail holes, but it also offers a bohemian look that is easy to change up or reposition.  

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Add an accent chair

Most Irish rentals are furnished with at least the basics, so large furniture like sofas and beds don’t generally need to figure into your rental interior design ideas. However, you may still be lacking some of the secondary pieces you want for your home, and adding an accent chair can be a great way to bring in some extra seating as well as some extra style. 

Accent chairs are a great piece of furniture to add to rental decor for a number of reasons. They tend to be more trendy than larger seating or sofas because they’re smaller and less expensive, designed to be changed more frequently. Therefore, they bring instant style to a space as well as being budget-friendly and easy to take with you when you move. 

Plus, accent chairs don’t take up too much space even if there’s already an array of other furniture, so you can still add style in a smaller rental without cluttering up a room. Don’t forget to read our blog on small living room style for more tips on decorating a compact space. 

Change up the lighting

One of the fastest ways to completely change the vibe of a room is to adjust the lighting, so changing up fixtures, bulbs, and lighting locations is one of our favourite rental interior design ideas. Adding a new table or floor lamp, or changing the shade on an existing lamp is simple, budget friendly, and will immediately alter the atmosphere of the space. 

Putting new bulbs in your light fixtures can make them more energy efficient and lower your electricity bills while also changing the vibe of a room. Choose between warm and cool tone bulbs, or even coloured lighting that will really stand out. Our open-plan living blog can also show you how to create ‘zones’ with lighting to change the feel of a room. 

Fairy lights are another fun option for adding a touch of romantics style to your rented space. Because string lights are so lightweight, you can hang them easily with non-permanent hooks, or even just drape them over shelves or your headboard for simple installation and removal. 

Implement your rental interior design ideas with Corcoran’s

At Corcoran’s, we have a range of accessories, small furniture items, and more that are perfect for decorating a beautiful and budget-conscious rental home or apartment. Shop online now or visit us in-store to find pieces that will suit your space anywhere you move, and will eventually look fabulous in your forever home as well! 

And if you need any help choosing pieces that will pair well with your rental’s existing furniture, or be easy to incorporate into your rental’s aesthetic as-is, our interior design experts are always here to help. Get in touch to learn more and turn your rented house into a home. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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