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What Roles Can Swivel Chairs Be Used for Around the Home?

Swivel chairs can be a great addition to so many rooms of your house. While a chair with a swivel base may call to mind a corporate setting or a doctor’s office, there are actually a number of great purposes for which you can use swivel chairs in your home. 

This versatile chair type can have a place in your living room, home office, dining area, and more, bringing functional appeal as well as style to a room. Read on to learn our favourite ways to incorporate swivel chairs into your space.  

In the living room: swivel into relaxed comfort

Swivel chairs are a great addition to a casual living room seating setup. You can find swivel armchairs that evoke the look of stately office seating, or round ‘cuddler’ chairs that feature ample cushioning for cosy comfort. 

Whatever look you choose for your chairs, swivel seating offers you the convenience of being able to turn as needed to grab the remote, rest your feet on a nearby ottoman, and more. A swivel chair is useful for those with lower back pain, as it relieves the need to twist and stretch to reach things on coffee or side tables. 

Swivel armchairs are also ideal in family homes with babies because of their movable designs. If you are trying to soothe a cranky infant, being able to slowly sway back and forth offers calming movement to help them rest. 

In the home office: swivel chairs offer flexible movement

Your home office is the obvious location for swivel chairs, and that’s because they make such an effective and important element of your remote working or home study setup

Swivel chairs are designed with ergonomics in mind, not only due to the swivel mechanism but also with adjustable levers to change the angle and height of the seat. These ergonomic features are ideal for minimising stress and strain throughout your workday. 

Swivel chairs will assist you in maintaining good posture and letting you reach everything on your desk without overworking your muscles. You can read more about the ergonomic support that swivel chairs offer in these previous blog posts: 

In the kitchen: swivel chairs are an easy seating addition

Swivel chairs can be a great addition to dining rooms and kitchens, both in the form of traditional dining chairs with swivel bases, and as tall, swivelling bar chairs at a high-top table or kitchen counter or island. 

As the heart of your home, your kitchen serves many functions, and so a swivel chair gives you the freedom to engage with the whole space even when you’re seated. Turn away from the table to chat to someone standing at the counter, then swivel back with ease to enjoy your meal. Likewise, at a larger dining table, swivel chairs can make it easy to chat with family and friends at any angle. 

For tall chairs like bar stools, a swivel base makes it simple and comfortable to stand up or sit down even if the chair is too high for your feet to reach the floor. Pushing the stool away from the counter can be an awkward process, but with a swivel chair you can simply turn the seat around and step down with ease. 

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Swivel chairs to suit every space: shop now at Corcoran’s Furniture

For your living room as an accent chair that also offers comfort, in the home office, dining room, or anywhere else in your home, swivel chairs are ready to bring versatile, movable comfort and plenty of style to boot! And at Corcoran’s Furniture, we have a fantastic selection of swivel chairs of all types. 

Shop swivel armchairs with ample cushioning designed for comfort, swivel office chairs that will support your movement and posture while you work, or swivel bar stools that bring convenience to your kitchen. And for even more options, visit our Kerry and Limerick showrooms or get in touch with our team to find the perfect swivel chairs to suit your space. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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