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Rukas Multicolour Rug

Rukas Multicolour Rug

RRP: 185.00

  • Timeless Geometric Pattern: Transforms any room with its captivating design.
  • Modest Pile Height: Stands at a subtle 0.6 cm, blending seamlessly into your space.
  • Luxurious Comfort: Delightfully soft to touch, ensuring underfoot comfort.
  • Premium Material: Crafted from 100% polypropylene for durability and quality.
Number of variations: 1
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Embrace Eclectic Elegance with the Rukas Multicolour Rug

Step onto the Rukas Multicolour Rug and enter a world where colour knows no bounds and comfort meets contemporary art. This stylish multicoloured rug is a rebellion against the mundane, a splash of polychrome panache on your personal catwalk.

A canvas under your feet

With its low-profile 0.6 cm pile, the Rukas Multicolour Rug is a subtle revolution in rug form. It's the understated platform that lifts your room's design without the need for elevation, letting its kaleidoscopic pattern sing a siren song to your senses.

A soft, colourful rug that that speaks volumes

Crafted from 100% polypropylene, this colourful rug may have the soul of a poet but boasts the constitution of a warrior. It's soft enough to seduce your soles while standing firm against the daily trample of life's catwalk.

Flourishing your floor

Why simply walk when you can waltz across a masterpiece? The Rukas Multicolour Rug invites your feet to dance upon a durable delight, turning every stroll into a stride of pride.

The quintessence of quirk

This rug speaks in vibrant verses of colour and texture. It's the floor's answer to a life less ordinary, a defiant ode to individuality.

So there you have it, the Rukas MulticolourRug: far more than simply a piece for your space, but a conversation starter, a foot flatterer, and a steadfast sentinel against the yawn-inducing ordinary. Let your space strut its stuff with Rukas as your runway.

Dimensions and Details

Dimensions 0.6 cm



200×290 cm

Colour family

Pile height

Rug construction

Supplier Code

Rukas-0200A- XL

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