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Single Beds – What Mattress Options are Available to Me?

When you are furnishing your bedroom, we always recommend selecting the largest bed that your room size can accommodate. A bigger bed will offer maximum comfort, especially if you are sharing it with your spouse or partner. 

However, there are many cases in which single beds may be preferable to larger alternatives. Single beds are ideal for guest bedrooms, kids’ first ‘grown-up’ beds after a crib or cot, or for bedrooms that share space with another function such as a home office. Single beds are also a great option for kids’ rooms where siblings are sharing a space. And when you buy single beds, you will need a high-quality mattress option to pair with it. 

Luckily, the options for single mattresses are just as supportive, comfortable, and versatile as those available for larger beds. Read on to learn more about the mattress options available to you when you buy single beds. 

Single beds that give guests a great night’s sleep

When you have overnight visitors, you’ll want to create a spare bedroom setup that doesn’t feel like an afterthought. An inviting guest bedroom with a comfortable bed and mattress paired with charming decor will offer a welcoming space that will also help your visitors enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

Everyone has their own personal sleeping preferences. Some people love a super-soft and cushy mattress, while others like a mattress that is as firm as a plank for maximum support. A medium or medium-firm mattress is a happy compromise that will suit most people for short-term use. You can also purchase a mattress topper that will add an extra, soft layer for those who really need it. 

When you’re buying mattresses for single beds that will be used in guest bedrooms, we recommend choosing mattresses that offer features like allergen-control technology, cooling gel layers, and designs that are optimised for thermoregulation. These extra details will help ensure that your visitors have a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling comfortable and refreshed. 

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Single mattresses ideal for kids’ beds

One of the most common uses of single beds is in children’s bedrooms. Kids’ rooms tend to be smaller than the main bedrooms of a house, and a single bed is a good way to transition children from toddlerhood up through their teenage years. 

When you are choosing a mattress for a child’s bedroom, the correct firmness is important. Children don’t generally need extra-firm mattresses due to their smaller and lighter weights; however, they do need adequate support for their growing bodies, and their spines must be able to stay in a neutral position while sleeping. Therefore, a medium or medium-firm mattress is the best option for single beds in children’s bedrooms. 

Bunk beds are another popular option for kids’ rooms, and while there are some bunk beds that require both a single and a double mattress, most bunks feature two single beds stacked on top of one another. And while you can use almost any single mattress for the lower bunk, the upper bunk mattress has special requirements. The mattress needs to be thinner than average (generally no deeper than 23 cm) so that there is no chance a child will roll out of bed over the safety barrier. 

If the single mattress and single beds you are buying are for kids, a mattress protector is a great addition to the setup. While mattress protectors are good for all sleepers to help extend the life of your mattress and keep you feeling fresh through the night, they are particularly good for children’s bedrooms in case of accidents or spills. 

Our best recommendations for mattress to suit single beds

Almost all the mattresses you can buy at Corcoran’s Furniture are available in sizes for single beds. However, we have a few favourites that we think are particularly well-suited for this smaller bed type. 

The Sleep Right Comfy Mattress is beloved for its budget-friendly pricing, which can be ideal for a spare bedroom that won’t be used every night. Because of its thinner design, this mattress can also be used on the top bunk of many bunk beds. 

Ideal for a fresh-feeling sleep, the Latexmatic Anti Allergy Mattress features a probiotic-infused cover that helps to reduce allergens and odours for a better night’s sleep. This mattress pairs semi-natural latex and foam for custom comfort. 

Medium-firm support is ideal for kids’ beds and guest bedrooms alike, and the Firmrest Mattress by Respa is a customer favourite and one of our top picks as well. A RespaTech supportive spring system is topped by a cushioned, quilted finish to promote spinal alignment and good posture. 

Keep your guests feeling cool and fresh while they sleep with the Gel Splendor Cooling Mattress by Respa. RespaGel technology absorbs heat to help you regulate your body temperature during the night, and the pocket sprung core moves with you for all-night comfort. 

Browse and buy more single mattresses online now, or get in touch — our expert team can help you find the ideal mattresses for your single beds. Have your singles sorted and shopping for larger size mattresses? Check out our mattress buying guide where our sleep experts teach you how to choose the best mattress for any size bed.

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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