Small Bedside Tables

Compact and convenient, subtle yet stylish, the small bedside tables sold by Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets are an excellent storage option for any bedroom. We have a whole host of different small bedside lockers to consider, and you can order online for home delivery across Ireland or see them at our stores in Kerry and Limerick to decide.

So many small bedside tables to browse & buy

With the array of small bedside lockers available at Corcoran’s, it will be simple for any customer to find the product that precisely matches their requirements.

Our line-up of small bedside tables includes:

Wooden small bedside tables

From oak and acacia to mahogany and pine, we have wooden bedside lockers that are small yet perfectly formed, allowing you to match the other furniture in your bedroom. You can also find painted wooden bedside furniture in this range, or opt for varnished counterparts to get that natural wood finish.

Small bedside tables with storage

Lots of people will want a bedside table that doubles up as a place to put useful items, and Corcoran’s has small storage units with drawers and shelving onboard to cater to this demand. From single drawer setups to lockers that have two or three drawers, you can squeeze a surprising amount of clutter into such a small piece of furniture.

Retro & contemporary small bedside lockers

Another appealing aspect of this range is that you can find furniture that suits your tastes and sets off the rest of your decor, whether you are interested in maintaining a more traditional look and feel to your bedroom, or you are aiming for a more modern aesthetic.

Excellent furniture, reasonably priced

Corcoran’s is home to a plentiful array of other furniture options, including dining tables and chairs, coffee tables and TV stands, garden furniture sets, and everything in between. We provide only the best quality furniture that we source from respected manufacturers while providing our customers with competitive prices and exceptional service quality at all stages of the journey.

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