Small Double Beds 4ft

Small Double Beds 4ft

Our extensive range of small double beds (4ft) is ideal to transform your limited bedroom space into a cosy, comfortable haven.

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Our extensive range of small double beds (4ft) is ideal to transform your limited bedroom space into a cosy, comfortable haven.

Tailored for those who desire the comfort of a double bed without the spatial demands, our 4ft bed frames are the quintessential choice for compact living spaces.

Dive into our online collection or visit us in Kerry or Limerick to find the perfect bed that blends functionality with style, available exclusively at Corcoran’s.

Why choose a small double bed?

Bridging the gap between single and standard double beds, small double beds offer a unique solution for spatially challenged bedrooms.

Measuring 4 feet (120cm) in width, they provide ample space for individuals or couples who prefer a cosier sleeping arrangement.

Ideal for adults or older teenagers seeking extra room to stretch out, these beds serve as a versatile alternative to conventional single beds, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep even in smaller rooms.

Understanding the Difference: Small Double vs. Double Beds

The key distinction between small double and standard double beds lies in their width. While a small double bed spans 4 feet (120cm) across, a standard double bed extends to 4 feet 6 inches (135cm), offering a bit more space.

Nevertheless, both variants maintain a length of 6 feet 3 inches (190cm), ensuring ample legroom for most users.

Shop 4ft Bed Frames at Corcoran’s

At Corcoran’s, our selection of 4ft beds encompasses a variety of materials and styles to suit every taste:

  • Wooden Beds: Choose from a range of small double beds crafted from durable woods like oak and pine, perfect for adding a touch of natural elegance to your bedroom.
  • Metal Beds: Opt for a sleek, contemporary look with our metal bed frames, available in both natural metal finishes and vibrant painted options.
  • Upholstered Beds: Indulge in luxury with our upholstered bed frames, featuring plush materials such as suede, velvet, linen, and more, for an added layer of comfort and style.

Enhance Your Bedroom with Additional Furniture Options

To fully optimise your bedroom’s layout, explore our selection of space-saving furniture pieces, including small recliner chairs, compact sofa beds, single and small wardrobes, petite dressing tables, and bedside tables.

Complete your bedroom’s look with our curated collection of home furnishings, including clocks, mirrors, vases, flooring, and more.

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