Applications and Uses for Dressing Tables

What are the Applications and Uses for Dressing Tables?

Dressing tables are an underrated part of your bedroom setup. While it’s true that a dressing table or vanity isn’t as essential to the bedroom as the bed or wardrobe, there are so many ways to incorporate this furniture type into your home that it is well worth considering.

If you feel that you don’t need a dressing table, or if you want a vanity but aren’t sure how to fit it into your bedroom, then read on for some of the best reasons to add a dressing table to your space. For a more in-depth read on everything from dressing table styles to considerations, you’ll find it in our Ultimate Dressing Table guide.  

Use it as intended: start your routine off right

Obviously, the main purpose of a dressing table is to provide you with a place to start and finish the day with cosmetics or skincare routines. Having a dedicated space to do this with a mirror and reliable lighting (or, better yet, a mirror with reliable lighting — many of our vanity mirrors offer built-in LED lights) has a number of benefits. 

One is ease and organisation. If you can conveniently store and organise your makeup, jewellery, and more, and keep them close at hand exactly where you need them, you immediately streamline your routine. Avoid clutter on your bathroom counter or your bedroom shelves with a space designed for everything you need in the morning or evening. 

Another is comfort and relaxation. In today’s fast-paced world, your morning routine might usually take place on your commute, while corralling the kids’ at the kitchen table, or anywhere that you’re multitasking. But having a dressing table setup where you can take a few moments for yourself in the morning can help to set the tone for the entire day. 

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Use it for style: create a chic dressing table setup

When you buy dressing tables for your home, you add an instant stylish element to your space. While some pieces of furniture are mainly functional, your dressing table can bring visual appeal to a room in addition to offering organisational convenience and a reliable tabletop. 

From creating ambiance in a room with LED lights to displaying figurines, trinkets and more, dressing tables can serve as a great base for adding style and personality to your bedroom. Read our blog on dressing table styling ideas to learn more! 

You might choose to buy dressing tables that match the rest of your bedroom furniture by shopping from a range, or you can use your dressing table as an opportunity to add contrast to the space. 

Because a vanity is a secondary piece of furniture compared to your bed, dresser, or wardrobe, it doesn’t have to perfectly blend with the rest of your bedroom setup. Choose a dressing table that adds a pop of colour or a different material, and bring bold style to your room. 

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Use it to multitask: let it double as a desk

In a small home, your bedroom might also be your workspace. If you share common areas with housemates, or if you have a large family, your bedroom might be the refuge where you get peace and quiet. 

If you work from home, you might be using your bedroom as a home office, and a dressing table can double as a desk without taking up too much space in a small room. And even if you don’t have an at-home 9 to 5, there may be times when you’d like to have your vanity table act as a worktop. It can offer a sturdy surface for writing in a journal or diary, or a place to set down your laptop.
Likewise, you may have a guest bedroom that also serves as a home office. In this case, a dressing table is a fantastic piece of furniture to incorporate into your space. Not only will it be useful for yourself, but also for any visitors you have staying in your home. 

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Buy dressing tables online or in-store at Corcoran’s

At Corcoran’s Furniture we have a fabulous selection and dressing tables and vanities that you can shop in-store or online to upgrade your bedroom and bring practical, appealing style to your room. We also have console tables and desks that can act as dressing tables if you want to get creative with your bedroom decor. 

Plus, shop our whole range of fantastic bedroom furniture right now on our website or at any of our Kerry and Limerick showrooms. At Corcoran’s, you’ll find beds, dressers, flooring, accessories, and more, to create a gorgeous bedroom where you’ll love to start and finish your day. 

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