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Vardon Oak Bedside Table

Vardon Oak Bedside Table

RRP: 229.00

  • 52 W x 40 D x 67 H cm
  • Meld of American white oak and oak veneers: durable, stunning.
  • Timeless design, curves that allure.
  • Roomy drawers: storage meets elegant silver handles
  • Part of the Vardon furniture range

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Vardon Oak Bedside Table: Bedtime’s Unspoken Hero

The Vardon Oak Bedside Table isn’t just your average companion. Constructed from a harmony of American white oak and oak veneers, it's a superhero in disguise. Durable, robust, yet effortlessly attractive. Ready to rescue your night-time necessities from the clutches of clutter.

A bedside table with curves to swoon over

Who said furniture can’t be flirtatious? The Vardon Bedside Table flaunts curved corners that soften its silhouette and steal your glances. An irresistible charisma that's sure to make your heart flutter.

Two's  company with the Vardon Oak Bedside Table

Knock, knock. Who's there? Two roomy drawers, eager to hold your bedtime essentials. Their elegant silver handles not only offer ease of access but also add a touch of class. Storage has never been this sophisticated!

Ode to elegance

Think of the Vardon Bedside Table as the James Bond of your bedroom, exuding an air of timeless elegance and finesse. It's not just a place to park your book or lamp; it's a testament to your refined taste.

Get ready to elevate your bedtime routine with the Vardon Oak Bedside Table. This is a statement of style, a guardian of your nighttime needs, and the unsung hero of your dreamland. Go on, give your sleep space the companion it deserves. And why not partner it up with the rest of the Vardon oak family.

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Dimensions 52 × 40 × 67 cm
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