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What are 3 Ways to Use Decorative Mirrors Around the Home?

We’ve written a lot about the many practical uses of mirrors in your home. Give the illusion of space in a small or narrow room, reflect light to brighten up any area, and of course, check your outfit while you’re getting ready in the morning or get a good view of yourself as you apply makeup or skincare — there are plenty of appealing functions for mirrors that should make you want to incorporate them in your bathroom, bedroom, or hall. 

But it’s not all about function when it comes to mirrors. Decorative mirrors can also bring aesthetic appeal to your interior design in a variety of ways. We’ve collected some of our favourite ways to add style to your home with mirrors — read on to learn how to accessorise and accent any room with mirrors that are as decorative as they are useful.

Bring exquisite detail to your decor with ornate mirrors 

Many mirrors have simple, unadorned frames and are truly focused on their function over their style. Floor length free standing mirrors may have some decorative details on their bases, and vanity mirrors may have practical features such as LED lights that also add a hint of decorative appeal, but overall many mirror options are all about practicality. 

But when you’re looking for an easy way to add dramatic style to a room? Decorative mirrors can be just the thing. Instead of a piece of wall art or a photo frame, opt for unique mirrors with ornate frames that offer plenty of style to go along with their usefulness. 

Place decorative mirrors opposite an accent wall to add reflective style

We love bold wallpaper with vibrant prints and patterns, but sometimes statement-making motifs are just a little too much to adorn every wall. An accent wall is a great way to add those extra-vivid prints without going overboard, so choose one wall to deck out with the most standout patterns and keep the rest of the room more neutral. 

That said, maybe you still want to get a touch of that bold style elsewhere in your room, and here a decorative mirror can help. Hang a mirror on the wall opposite your accent wall and let it reflect the pattern of the wallpaper. It’s like built-in wall art that also provides the functional appeal of adding a mirror to your space. 

Use decorative mirrors as a reflective base for a tabletop display

Most decorative mirrors are designed to be mounted on the wall, but there are also more eclectic ways to incorporate reflections into your decor. If you are creating a decorative setup on a coffee table or shelf, why not use a mirrored tray as the base of your display? 

Mirrors can instantly add a touch of glamour to any room, and a mirrored tray not only keeps your display items together but also adds visual appeal in its own right. Plus, if you’re adding a candle, fairy lights, or anything else along these lines, the mirrored surface will reflect the light and enhance the look of the whole setup. 

Decorative mirrors to enhance every room — and more! — at Corcoran’s

Decorative mirrors could make all the difference in creating a gorgeous decor setup in your home, so why not shop the Corcoran’s Furniture range online or in-store today? In addition to freestanding and wall-mounted mirrors in a variety of sizes and styles, we also have a whole host of accessories to finish a room from top to bottom. 

Browse the website or call in to our Kerry or Limerick showrooms to see for yourself, or get in touch with our expert team and let us help you choose the perfect pieces for your home. 

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Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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