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Arundel Tufted Velvet Winged Bed


Arundel Tufted Velvet Winged Bed


  • Tufted wingback velvet bed
  • Extra tall headboard
  • Deep-button, thick-pile velvet upholstery
  • No footboard creates a minimalist base
  • Chunky dark wood legs
  • Sprung slat base
  • Available in 6ft (super king)
  • Sturdy wood frame construction
  • Assembly services are available on request. Fees apply
  • Please tick the assembly box when checking out or get in touch to add it to your purchase. More information is covered in the Delivery and Returns section


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Soar to New Heights of Opulence: The Arundel Tufted Velvet Winged Bed

Prepare for a bedroom experience that's nothing short of magnificent with the Arundel Tufted Velvet Winged Bed. This bed is your ticket to reaching new heights of opulence and indulgence. Get ready to be swept off your feet!

A bed fit for royalty

Behold the regal presence of the Arundel bed, with its loft headboard that reaches for the heavens. It's like having your own personal throne—a majestic perch where you can rule over the land of dreams with style and grace.

Luxury wrapped in plush velvet

Sink into a sea of lavishness with the sumptuous thick-pile velvet upholstery of the the Arundel Tufted Velvet Winged Bed. It feels like being embraced by a cloud of pure opulence. Choose from dark grey or light grey, and let the velvety softness whisk you away to a realm of unparalleled comfort.

Buttoned bliss and dazzling diamonds

Prepare to be dazzled by the deep diamond tufting that adorns the Arundel Tufted Velvet Winged Bed. Each button is like a sparkling diamond in a crown of elegance. It's the perfect blend of sophistication and glamour, making you feel like royalty every time you lay your head down.

A sleek showstopper

The Arundel bed makes a bold statement with its minimalist design. No footboard means all eyes are on the towering headboard, creating a sleek and captivating aesthetic. It's a visual feast that will leave your guests in awe and make your bedroom the envy of all.

Legs 11 and supportive slumber puts you on cloud 9

The chunky dark wooden legs of the Arundel bed are not just there for show—they provide the perfect foundation for your dreams. With their sturdy support, they ensure that your nights are filled with stability and tranquility. Combined with the supportive sprung slat base, you'll be floating on cloud nine.

Elevate your bedroom decor and elevate your spirits with the Arundel Tufted Velvet Winged Bed. It's a true masterpiece that combines opulence, style, and a touch of whimsy. Get ready to sleep like royalty and wake up feeling like a true monarch of comfort and luxury.

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