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Why is Black Furniture so Powerful in Interior Design?

For 2023, black is the new… well, black. A colour that never really goes out of style, black furniture is our favourite neutral option for a chic and contemporary space. Instead of being dark, foreboding, or melancholy, black in interior design offers sophistication, complexity, and richness that is sure to stand out and bring a bold look to any room of your home. Read on for some of our favourite ways to incorporate black tones into your decor. 

Add a black accent piece to try out this trend

Black can be an intimidating colour to incorporate into your interior design, because you don’t want to make a room feel dark or bland. If you’re not sure about going big with black sofas, beds, and other primary furniture pieces, why not start with an accent piece that lets you dip your toe into black furniture without committing to an all-black room. 

Opt for a black console table, black bedside lockers, or black dining chairs to add a touch of depth to your decor while still being able to maintain a lighter colour scheme. If you’re worried about making a room look dark or small, you can pair these black accent pieces with white or light neutrals across your space to create contrast and keep the room looking bright. 

Play with textures and finishes to create complex looks

You might think of black as the darkest colour possible, but that doesn’t mean there’s only one shade of black that you can utilise for your interior decorating. Black furniture comes in a number of tones, from an ultra-dark shade to a lighter, greyish hue. Rather than using pure black furniture across your space, embrace a spectrum of black options to create dimension in your decor.

Similarly, there are an array of textures and finishes that will offer different looks for your all-black furniture. Pair polished and matte finishes for metal furniture, or match dark wood-grain textures with smooth, painted designs in wooden pieces. With fabric-upholstered black furniture you have an array of texture options depending on the fabric you choose, and black-dyed leather can also bring a sophisticated look to your living space. 

Use warm undertones to ensure your space stays cosy

Cool undertones and black furniture are a classic pairing — imagine the futuristic styling of black decor matched with sleek silver or shiny chrome. However, if you want a more lived-in look, accent black furniture with details that offer warm undertones instead. 

Wood makes for a great match with black furniture, and the reddish hues of wood like mahogany and oak are perfect for bringing an inviting element to black decor. Shades of purple and gold are also lovely complements to black furniture, offering regal and elegant style while ensuring that a space doesn’t feel formal or cold. 

Choose artistic prints for an exciting look

Certain patterns are often associated with particular colour palettes. Floral prints, for example, are usually found in feminine hues and soft pastels. However, you can put a modern twist on classic patterns by incorporating the on-trend styling of black furniture and decor into a timeless motif. 

A botanical or floral pattern with a black background transforms the look from traditional to bold, and is sure to make an eye-catching, cutting-edge statement in any room. Similarly, you can use a black colour palette for anything from stripes to quatrefoils and even abstract motifs, bringing high-contrast style to a variety of looks. 

Make black the base for bold colour accents

If you’re a maximalist or if you simply love a colourful space, you may be hesitant to make black the primary colour to build your interior decor around. But black is actually a perfect foundation for a vivid and colourful look. Black sofas? Add a rainbow of throws and cushions. Black dining table? Place bright chairs around it to create an inviting mealtime setup. 

You can also use black on your walls or floors, and if you want a pop of colour this is the ideal opportunity to add in a vibrant accent wall or some decorative flooring tiles that will bring bright contrast to the overall black look. 

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And if black isn’t the colour you want to showcase in your decor, check out these blogs for a rainbow of inspiration! 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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