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Briggs Single Over Double Bunk Bed

Briggs Single Over Double Bunk Bed

RRP: 499.00

  • 148 W x 201 D x 160.5 H cm
  • Briggs Single Over Double Bunk Bed: This vertical sleeping arrangement cleverly accommodates both the solo sleeper and the duo dreamers. The single top bunk for the high flyer and the double bottom bunk for the sprawlers make bedtime negotiations a thing of the past.
  • Available Colours: Choose from two timeless hues, white for the purists and grey for the sophisticates, ensuring your bedroom’s colour scheme remains uncompromised by such trivial matters as sleeping arrangements.
  • Design: With its horizontal slats, the Briggs Single Over Double Bed isn’t just about catching Z’s; it’s a contemporary nod to the classic, proving that style doesn’t have to be sacrificed at the altar of sleep.
  • Safety: The top bunk comes with guardrails. It’s your kids nightly ascent to dreamland, minus the risk.
  • Space-Saving: Ideal for those who covet both space and style, the Briggs Single Over Double Bunk Bed is like a magic trick for your kids bedroom, making square footage appear out of thin air.
  • Material: Built with the kind of wood that trees dream of becoming, the Briggs SIngle Over Double Bunk Bed promises stability and longevity, ensuring it’ll see you through from the tooth fairy to the tuition fees.
  • Please note, that mattresses/bedding are not included
  • Assembly services are available on request. Fees apply
  • Please tick the assembly box when checking out or get in touch to add it to your purchase. More information is covered in the Delivery and Returns section
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Briggs Single Over Double Bunk Bed: Where Dreams and Design Align

Introducing the Briggs Single Over Double Bunk Bed, a marvel of modern sleep science that caters to the vertically inclined. With a 3ft single bed perched atop a 4ft6 double, this architectural wonder ensures that whether you're child is flying solo or bunking down with a pal in slumber, bedtime is an inclusive affair.

A Palette of Possibilities

Available in the understated elegance of white and the refined sophistication of grey, this single over double bunk bed blends seamlessly into most bedrooms' existing palettes. It's like the chameleon of the furniture world, but much more comfortable to sleep on.

Timeless by Design

Featuring horizontal slats that bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary, the Briggs Single Over Double Bunk Bed is not just a place for your child to lay their head; it's a statement piece. It's proof that horizontal lines can indeed be exciting, especially when they're the last thing you see before closing your eyes.

Safety First, Style a Close Second

With guardrails on the top bunk to prevent nighttime adventures from turning into early morning accidents, and a sturdy ladder that provides a climb worthy of your trust, Briggs prioritises safety almost as much as they do your style.

The Art of Space Saving

Designed for the spatially savvy, the Briggs Single Over Double Bunk Bed bunk bed transforms a bedroom from a mere place of rest into a bastion of efficiency. It's like having their cake and eating it too, if the cake were made of stylish, space-saving furniture.

Crafted to Last

Constructed from the kind of durable wood that other furniture aspires to, the Briggs Single Over Double Bunk Bed is not just a temporary sleeping arrangement; it's a long-term investment in your kids nightly comfort and their bedroom's aesthetic appeal.

In the Briggs Single Over Double Bunk Bed, you'll find a perfect blend of functionality, safety, and style—a sleeping solution that doesn't just meet expectations but lays down, quite literally, and exceeds them.

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Weight 71 kg
Dimensions 148 × 201 × 160.5 cm
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