Double Bunk Beds

Double Bunk Beds

Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has a large selection of double bunk beds online.

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Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has a large selection of double bunk beds online. Some models have a double bunk bed with a desk, which is an ideal use of space for where a bedroom doubles as a home office or study. Double bunk beds are a great example of intelligent furniture that fits in with your lifestyle every day it is in use. Read on to learn more.

What are double bunk beds?

Bunk beds maximise the use of vertical space by occupying height rather than floor space, with a ladder typically providing access to the upper bed level. Double bunk beds are either:

  • Triple sleepers – single sized bed and double sized bed
  • Quadruple sleepers – a double sized bed on the bottom and top

What are the advantages?

The advantages of double bunk beds include:

  • Extra sleeping space – double bunk beds are great at sleepovers or when you have extra overnight guests
  • Fun – young children, in particular, enjoy sleeping in bunk beds
  • Maximisation of vertical space – this is particularly beneficial in smaller bedrooms
  • Low cost per bed – it’s a low-cost way of adding extra sleeping spaces and in particular suits families with a number of younger children

Material options

Corcoran’s range of double bunk beds either have a wooden frame or metal frame; these can also be upholstered with fabric or leather. We also sell white bed double frames if you prefer a painted finish.

Other double bed-related products to consider

When buying our double bunk beds, you may also want to consider all of the following product lines as possible alternatives:

Other bunk bed sizes

If you are interested in buying bunk beds in general, it would be a good idea to visit Corcoran’s bunk beds page, where all products for sale are shown. We also have a dedicated page for triple bunk beds.

We sell a wide range of non-bunk beds, covering all the popular sizes, which include single beds, double beds, king size beds, and super king size beds.

Other furniture options outside of the bedroom

Moving out of the bedroom, we also have many furniture options for the living room, dining room, and outdoor living. Why not view our sofas, coffee tables, and display cabinets, or perhaps our dining benches, dining chairs, and dining tables?

For outdoors living consider our patio sets, garden tables, and wooden garden furniture. We also have some great home furnishings such as trinkets and ornaments, mirrors, clocks, and picture frames.

Home delivery is available across Ireland on all furniture ordered. This is available for both online orders as well as ones made within our Kerry or Limerick retail stores.

Corcoran’s your one-stop-shop for furniture buying

If you need advice about double bunk beds or any of the other furniture products we sell, please call Corcoran’s on 064 669 1112. We can also answer any questions sent through our contact us page.

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