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Cuckfield Upholstered Dining Chair


Cuckfield Upholstered Dining Chair

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  • 60.5 W x 67 D x 94 H cm
  • Featuring a padded high-back design that cradles and supports, the Cuckfield Upholstered Dining Chair marries comfort with style.
  • Wrapped in a textured fabric in soothing grey, it creates an inviting dining experience.
  • Black frosted legs form a sleek silhouette, punctuating the Cuckfield’s modern aesthetic.
  • Its robust metal legs offer not just a base but a statement of solid reliability.
  • Each detail, from the fabric’s weave to the leg’s finish, is a testament to tasteful dining.

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The Cuckfield Upholstered Dining Chair: A Symphony of Comfort and Style

The Cuckfield Upholstered Dining Chair, with its padded high-back design, is a cradle of comfort that brings together supportive indulgence and stylish flair. An eye-catching chair to behold, it offers a sanctuary that elevates your dining experience with every seat.

Textured Tranquillity

Draped in a textured fabric of soothing grey, the Cuckfield Upholstered Dining Chair turns any dining area into an inviting haven. The soft hue and subtle weave work in harmony to create a serene backdrop for your leisurely meals and long dinners.

Sleek Foundations

Black frosted legs underpin the Cuckfield, crafting a sleek silhouette that anchors its modern aesthetic. These legs are a punctuation mark in the language of design, bold and declarative.

Reliability in Metal

Robust metal legs deliver a strength that conveys a statement of solid reliability. With the Cuckfield Upholstered Dining Chair, stability is as guaranteed as style, ensuring that it stands as a bastion of both comfort and durability.

Detail-Oriented Design

Every element of the Cuckfield Upholstered Dining Chair speaks of meticulous craftsmanship—from the rich texture of its fabric to the matte finish on its legs. Each detail is a testament to tasteful dining, making this chair not just a piece of furniture, but a piece of art.

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Dimensions 60.5 × 67 × 94 cm
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