Dining Room Sets

Is your dining room furniture in need of an update? Whether your family is growing, wear and tear has taken its toll, or your furniture has fallen out of fashion, Corcoran’s can help. We supply dining room sets to suit every budget, with only the best brands available to our customers. Search our selection here or visit our stores now.

Out with the old, in with the new

The best thing about dining room sets is that they take centre stage and so can breathe life into any room, making it look entirely different without requiring you to change every element of the decor.

At Corcoran’s you can buy dining furniture from top brands at competitive prices, no matter the look and feel you are aiming to achieve.

We have everything from minimalistic, modern sets to classically styled combos, and everything in between. Whether you want dining room furniture that is large enough to accommodate all your friends and family at once or you just need a compact set for hosting a couple of guests, the choice is yours.

Add in the fact that you can pick from chairs and tables made with different materials, and in many different colours, and you will be sure to stumble upon something special.

Buy kitchen furniture & browse our other products

Corcoran’s can kit out your entire home with well-made, wonderfully durable furniture that will have your visitors making impressed noises.

Aside from traditional dining room sets, we also supply bar stools and bar tables that are ideal for a more casual approach to hosting. Add to that our sideboards, bench seating, and garden furniture and you should be set for every season!

Our stores in Kerry and Limerick, along with our selection of products arrayed across our easy to use website, also cover furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, and the accessories to go along with them.

We take quality seriously and this attention to detail is reflected in our products. We also bring all of this to customers at a fair price, whether you buy online or in-store.

Get dining room furniture advice from Corcoran’s

The team at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets is more than happy to field questions about the best dining furniture Ireland has to offer, so use our contact form or call us on 064 669 1112 to chat with an expert about your needs.