Electric Recliner Chairs

Relax and let your furniture do all the hard work with electric recliner chairs available to order for home delivery from Corcoran’s. Manage manoeuvres with the touch of a button and find your perfect seated position, all while enjoying stylish designs and durable upholstery. With competitive prices across our entire range of chairs in Ireland, why not browse & shop today?

Feel the power of electric recliner chairs

The key selling point of electric powered recliner chairs is the inclusion of integrated motors, the operation of which you can manage via a convenient remote control panel on the side.

This is more appealing for some than a manual recliner since you can enjoy complete precision of adjustability and also make changes without needing to move much more than one finger.

The attraction of electric recliner chairs goes further still when you factor in the other capabilities that this type of furniture brings to the table.

Electrically operated recliners can also be ideal for people with limited mobility, as with lift and tilt models you can raise and lower the chair to help you get up or sit down as needed.

Many material options to consider

The specifications of our electric recliner chairs are not the only thing that can differ from model to model. Other varieties within this category include:


Genuine and faux leather recliners with power back and footrests are stylish, hardwearing, and available in several colours.

Fabric electric recliners

Take your pick of fabric recliners that can range from vintage-inspired to modern in terms of their styling. And they’re always up to date when it comes to build quality and materials used.

Incredible furniture to order online

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Our stores in Kerry and Limerick are also a good place to see the various accessories, flooring, and office furniture options we have available.

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