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Fall in Love with Brown Furniture Again

Colourful furniture is a huge trend in today’s interior design. Gone are the days where neutrals were the only acceptable hues for your home, replaced by vivid upholstery and vibrant painted designs. Whether you love a maximalist look or you simply love a pop of colour in a neutral space, the savvy interior decorator always has an eye on colour in contemporary styling. 

However, the classics are classic for a reason, and just because you love the bright, bold hues of colourful furniture doesn’t mean you can’t also embrace the timeless styling of brown furniture and other neutral options.

According to Vogue, brown is once more becoming an increasingly popular colour in interior design and decorating, and we have to say we think this is one shade that has never really gone out of style. 

When you’re considering brown furniture, we’ve got a few tips to make sure your home looks beautiful, not boring, and maintains a modern look with a classic colour scheme. 

Embrace earthtones for a relaxed ambiance

Green is one of the year’s top trends for interior decor thanks to the way it brings the outdoors in, but brown furniture can have a similar effect in evoking nature in your space. A rich, warm brown is ideal for bringing warmth to a room and giving your space that earthy, natural feel. 

For an ideal nature-inspired setup, opt for wood pieces that showcase the natural grain and organic variations of the material. Pair with soft natural fibres like linen or cotton, or add rustic elements like jute and burlap for a traditional, farmhouse-inspired look. 

Opt for opulence with luxe materials

While brown furniture is ideal for a laid-back, homespun interior design aesthetic, you can also use this colour palette to create a sumptuous and sophisticated look. Mahogany and leather are two classic materials that lend themselves towards elegance and luxury, and are also traditionally found in shades of brown. 

A leather sofa instantly upgrades a room, while a mahogany bed brings stately style to your bedroom. Or, add touches of refinement to any room with secondary furniture pieces in these materials. An elegant accent chair or sophisticated side table can be the perfect accompaniment to a polished setup. 

Add depth to a room with light and dark wood

Light browns and tans are lovely alternatives to white and cream when it comes to choosing neutrals for an interior design colour palette. You can keep the bright and airy feel of a light-coloured room while bringing in a touch of warmth thanks to the brown tones of your furniture.

That said, we also love dark wood brown furniture that adds richness and depth to any space. In a large room, a dark wood piece like a dining room table or sideboard is a sophisticated pick. However, even in smaller spaces dark brown can bring complexity to your decor. 

Warm up your space with brown tones

As mentioned above, all shades of brown are naturally warm-toned, and this makes them perfect for creating a comfortable and inviting space. You might create a fully warm-toned space with a colour palette of reds and yellows, or contrast the warmth of your brown furniture with cooler blues and greys. 

Because brown is a neutral hue, it pairs well with a whole host of colour options, and it also makes a great base for colourful accessories. Decorate a brown sofa or bed with vibrant throws or cushions to create a cosy space that reflects the warmth of your primary colour pick.  

Brown furniture favourites and more at Corcoran’s

Because brown is such a classic colour for furniture of all sorts, at Corcoran’s we have a wide array of everything from furniture to accessories to flooring. Shop our collection of gorgeous brown home essentials and imbue your space with warm, natural, sophisticated style. 

Looking for the perfect shades of chocolate, chestnut, or cocoa to suit your space? Explore our range online now or visit us in store to talk to our furniture and flooring experts about the best colour palette for your home. 

Can’t make it in to our Kerry and Limerick showrooms? Get in touch, and we’ll assist with all your interiors questions and requirements. 


Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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