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Holden Sintered Stone Dining Table


Holden Sintered Stone Dining Table

Original price was: €999.00.

  • 110 W x 110 D x 75 H cm
  • A splendid, rounded grey marble surface, kissed with nature’s own intricate designs.
  • A pedestal base, golden and geometric, elevating elegance.
  • A marriage of timeless minimalism and fresh, modern charm.
  • Not just a looker, the sintered stone top scoffs at stains with its resistant veneer.
  • The perfect dance partner? The Tucker Dining Chairs, completing a duet of decadence.

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Holden Sintered Stone Dining Table: A Sight to Be-Holden

The Holden Sintered Stone Dining Table embodies deluxe dining, blending opulent aesthetics with unparalleled craftsmanship, turning every meal into a lavish affair.

A grey marble effect top dining table that delivers deluxe dining at its finest

Delve into the labyrinth of Holden's grey marble patterns. A canvas painted by nature, each swirl tells its tale, making every meal an affair with artistry.

Golden geometric base: bringing heightened style to the table

Support meets style as this remarkable sintered stone dining table stands tall on its golden geometric pedestal. It’s a bold statement, merging form with function.

Sintered stone: the future of dining tables

Blending classic minimalism with modern resilience, the stain-resistant sintered stone top ensures your the Holden Stone Sintered Dining Table remains as timeless as its design.

Complete your dining ensemble

Why stop at the table? Pair the Holden Sintered Stone Dining Table with the delectable Tucker Dining Chairs, and you’re setting not just a table, but a stage for countless memorable meals.

Dining with the Holden Sintered Stone Dining Table is less about the meal and more about the experience. So why wait? Turn every supper into a sophisticated soirée.

Dimensions and Details

Dimensions 110 × 110 × 75 cm
Item type

Table shape

Seating capacity







Feet/Leg material

Feet/Leg colour

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