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Quiz: What's Your Home Decor Style?

Quiz: What’s Your Home Decor Style?

Before you start your dream interior decor project, it’s important to get a sense of your personal home decor style. Whether you love charming, classic farmhouse interiors or rooms imbued with modern glam, learning about your interior design aesthetic can be the inspiration for a cohesive look that suits your personal tastes. 

Take our quiz to find out your home decor style!

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What’s next?

Now that you know your dream home decor style, Corcoran’s can help you find everything from flooring to furniture to fabulous accessories in our collection to help you realise your interiors ideas. Get in touch with our team for expert advice on choosing your new favourite pieces from our range. 

There are dozens of amazing home decor styles to choose from, and we’ve only listed a few in this quiz. If you want to know all about cool, coastal interiors or you want to learn everything about beautiful, bohemian looks, let us know! We’ll cover them in a future blog post. 

And if you want even more home decor inspiration and to show off your own interiors inspo, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and use the tag #mycorcorans to share your space with us!

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You love timeless looks that are charming and classic. Your dream home is a cosy cottage with a big garden, and you want farmhouse-inspired home decor style to match. 

Rustic home decor utilises a neutral colour palette and plenty of natural materials with raw finishes like weathered wood and textured stone. 

Choose larger furniture with simple, minimalist details, like a solid oak dining table that takes place of pride in your kitchen or dining room. Then opt for delicate accents like porcelain teacups and bouquets of flowers to accessorise and decorate. 

Rustic home decor style is all about natural beauty, so it’s also a perfect time to revamp your garden or patio and create a coordinated look for your interior and exterior spaces. 

If you love the rustic home decor style, you should also read our blog on cottagecore style for our favourite tips on incorporating this sweet and bucolic style into your space.


When it comes to your home decor style, you want something that really reflects your personality, as well as harkening back to your favourite eras of the past. Your home is eclectic, exciting, and draws inspiration from days gone by. You’re all about vintage home decor style. 

There are many different kinds of vintage home decor style, from dramatic Art Deco to minimalist mid-century modern. Colour is an important element in vintage home decor style, with the colour palette you choose often being your way to tie the room together. 

If you don’t want to be strictly tied to a certain aesthetic, you can incorporate a variety of elements into your home decor style to create your vintage-inspired look. You can even change eras from room to room for a truly whimsical look. 

For more on vintage home decor style, read our guide to choosing retro-inspired furniture for your home. 


Your home decor style is sleek and contemporary. You want clean lines and a home that’s on the cutting-edge of interior trends. 

Whether you opt for a crisp black and white colour palette or incorporate pops of colour, a high-contrast look is what you’re after with your love for modern home decor style.

Modern design can be simple or complex, but it’s always deliberate. It’s all about avoiding clutter, and choosing accessories to match your furniture perfectly, rather than going for an overly eclectic look. 

For modern home decor style, you can bring in an array of materials both natural and man-made — marble, metal, glass, and more can all create an ultra-contemporary look. 

Modern style is ideal for a large and airy room, but you can also make a smaller space look sleek and chic; read our blog on designing for smaller spaces to learn more. 


You love a life of luxury, and you’re all about glam home decor style. Your dream home is a palace (traditional) or a penthouse (modern), but in any sort of home you can bring dramatic glamour to your space. 

Glam home decor style is full of glitz and glitter. As with modern interiors, glass, metal, and marble are great ways to bring glamorous detail to your decor. Opt for polished finishes and metallic shine.

Soften your space with faux fur and smooth velvet, and choose tufted or studded furniture to bring textural interest to your glam home decor style. 

The right window treatments are essential for creating a glam aesthetic, with thick brocade curtains and sophisticated patterns adding an opulent detail to your decor. 

The glam home decor style goes hand in hand with lush relaxation, so why not read our blog on bathroom trends to bring spa-like luxury to your space. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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