Kids Recliner Chairs

Reading, colouring, or playing video games: whatever your kids’ hobbies are, kids recliner chairs make sure that they stay comfy as they sit and play. At Corcoran’s, we have kids furniture that checks all the boxes. It’s comfortable, it’s durable, and best of all, it’s colourful. Our fun kids furniture and kids recliner chair options are sure to be a favourite for your little ones, with top quality construction promising reliable sturdiness and creating pieces that will stand up to daily use. 

Kids recliner chairs are family-friendly favourites

Our children’s recliner armchairs are bestsellers, and it’s easy to see why. They’re play-ready favourites for kids and parents alike. Whether you’re looking for a child recliner chair to accent your little one’s bedroom, or a just-like-the-grown-ups option for your child to position next to a full sized armchair in the sitting room, our kids recliner chairs are a perfect pick. 

Colourful kids recliner chairs 

Bright and bold, our child recliner chairs can add a playful pop of colour to a room. Choose from an array of vibrant hues—or opt for a more neutral look if you prefer—and enjoy fun style for your little one’s seating space

Kids recliner chairs with cup holders 

In addition to the comfy reclining design, we have kids chairs with built-in cup holders on the arms. Not only does this feature offer extra comfortable appeal for kids, but giving them a place to set a glass prevents spills and mess, adding convenience to the design and to your routine! 

Fun and functional furniture for kids and adults

Whether you’re decorating your child’s space with kids recliner chairs, bunk beds, and more, or you’re outfitting a sitting room with furnishings that are suited for all ages, we have what you need at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets. View our range at our stores in Kerry and Limerick or browse and buy online; we have nationwide shipping so you can get your new pieces delivered straight to your door. Plus, we work with top manufacturers around the world to ensure high-quality, competitively priced pieces for all rooms of the house. 

Chat with us today

While you shop, you may find you have queries about children’s recliner armchairs or some of your other options. That’s where our team comes in! Reach out by phone at 064 669 112 or by email with our contact form and we’ll be happy to help.