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Great Modern Furniture Ideas

Great Modern Furniture Ideas When You Choose Velvet

The phrase ‘modern’ or ‘contemporary furniture’ probably calls to mind a certain aesthetic: clean lines, a light and airy colour palette, and long, slender shapes. A home with contemporary decor likely features a lot of glass and polished metal, open spaces, and smooth finishes. 

But if you want something a bit more glamorous, you might opt to add velvet furniture to your modern space. While velvet is often associated with vintage-inspired furnishing, there are plenty of great options for modern furniture made with velvet upholstery

Read on for some of our favourite ways to incorporate velvet into a contemporary styling setup.

Velvet seating offers modern furniture for the living room

When you’re designing for a contemporary space, beginning with a show-stopping centrepiece can be a great way to make a statement. And a velvet sofa is a perfect sofa pick to bring sleek style to a modern furniture setup. 

Velvet offers a sleek, smooth feel that is ideal for a contemporary living room, while also adding a touch of texture that gives a velvet couch an extra dose of trend-right appeal. The texture of velvet is a great complement for materials common in modern furniture such as metal and glass, offering a similar sheen but bringing softness to contrast with harder materials. 

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a pop of colour, then a velvet sofa is an ideal option. Whether you love a multicolour maximalist look or you want to bring a bit of vibrance to a neutral space, velvet seating in a hue like regal blue, earthy green, or romantic pink is sure to fit the bill. 

Not ready to commit to a velvet sofa ? An accent chair or smaller seater can let you incorporate this trend into your modern furniture collection without it becoming the focal point of the room. Choose a velvet armchair to pair with a more traditional sofa, and you’ll be able to get that colour and texture in your room while still maintaining a versatile setup

Bring velvet into the bedroom and add texture to furniture favourites

There’s no better place for modern luxury furniture than in your bedroom. And just like in the sitting room, velvet is a gorgeous option for contemporary bedroom decor. Let’s start with the bed — a velvet headboard is the ultimate in sumptuous style for your space. Not only does it look lovely, but the cushioned design is comfortable to lean against when you’re reading a book or drinking a cup of tea in bed.

While your bed and headboard may be the most obvious place to incorporate velvet into your bedroom decor, there are plenty of other modern furniture options where velvet will look great as well — and some of them may be unexpected but gorgeous! 

Bedroom storage is an important element of keeping a tidy and relaxed space, but your bedroom storage options should be stylish as well as functional. A velvet-covered blanket box or even a velvet nightstand will not only give you space to organise your bedroom essentials, but will also inject your room with elegant colour and texture in a modern way. 

Finally, bedroom seating is a great way to add velvet to your furnishings. It’s good to have additional seating in your bedroom if you have the space for it, in addition to your bed. A comfy accent chair or a stool can bring a stylish detail to your decor as well as having a functional element, and choosing one with velvet upholstery adds that colourful, textural touch. 

Enhance the rest of the house with velvet details

The living room and the bedroom are the main places where you can use velvet to create a contemporary, luxury furniture look, but there are other ways you can incorporate gorgeous velvet details into your space. 

Velvet armchairs and accent chairs are obvious picks for colour and texture in your home, but velvet dining chairs, bar stools, and office chairs can bring the same stylish vibe to other rooms. Upgrade a dining set with velvet chairs in an array of hues, or add a velvet desk chair to your work from home setup and give your daily routine a touch of luxury. 

Even in a contemporary decor aesthetic, there is plenty of room for cosiness, and velvet can help here, too. A soft velvet rug on the floor or velvet throw on the sofa is a perfect way of mixing traditional and contemporary and brings a snug touch that softens your space while maintaining modern appeal. 

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Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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