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Omar White Sintered Stone Dining Table

Omar White Sintered Stone Dining Table

RRP: 1,099.001,199.00

  • 180-220 W x 90 D x 75 H cm
  • Exquisite dining table showcasing a white sintered stone top crafted from natural stone
  • Standing proud on showstopping brushed brass elliptical legs
  • A standout piece that creates a remarkable presence in any contemporary space
  • Sintered stone top has a stain-resistant coating keeping it looking its delectable best
  • Pair with the stunning Tucker Dining Chairs to complete the look
Number of variations: 2
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Omar White Sintered Stone Dining Table: Because Every Meal Should Feel Like a Banquet

Set your plates on something that itself feels gourmet. The Omar White Sintered Stone Dining Table boasts an exquisite white sintered stone top, intricately veined with grey marble patterns, mirroring the lavish spreads of elite dining establishments.

A sintered stone dining table that stands tall with a midas touch

The Omar White Sintered Stone Dining Table dazzles as it stands. It's a delectable feast for the eyes. Those brushed brass elliptical legs are there to offer more than support, they're also conversation starters, ensuring your dining space is always the talk of the town.

A vision in white

White can be tricky, can't it? But with the stain-resistant coating on this sintered stone top, even a Merlot misstep is just a wipe away from returning to perfection.

Modern Dining's Crown Jewel

Creating an undeniable presence, the Omar White Sintered Stone Dining Table is the modern masterpiece your dining space has been waiting to welcome. Don't consider this table as merely something to accommodate your meals; it elevates every one of them.

Perfect pairings

Wine pairs with cheese, and the Omar White Sintered Stone Dining Table? It's best matched with the Tucker Dining Chairs. Because what's a table without its equally stunning companions? In the world of dining tables, Omar doesn't just set the bar; it is the bar. Enjoy every meal in the lap of luxury.

Dimensions and Details

Dimensions 180-220 × 90 × 75 cm
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1.8M, 2M



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