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Orthopaedic Posturecare Mattress by Respa

Orthopaedic Posturecare Mattress by Respa

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  • Spinal Alignment Savvy: Offers medium support that cleverly aids in spinal alignment, making sure your back is in tip-top shape, even in dreamland.
  • Robust RespaTech Framework: Features a 12.5 gauge of orthopaedic oomph and an edge-to-edge frame, ensuring you’re supported from all sides—because who enjoys a saggy edge?
  • Cool as a Cucumber Comfort: Decked out with 3D Airflow Technology and stylish side vents for that breezy feel, ensuring you stay cool, calm, and collected all night long.
  • Lofty Heights of Luxury: Stands proud at 28cm, wrapped in plush knitted soft touch fabric (Malta, Cream) for that cloud-nine vibe every time you hit the hay.
  • Quilted Quintessence: Boasts a traditional quilted design with layers of luxurious cushioning, providing a sleep surface so comfortable it’s almost criminal.
  • Backcare Brilliance: Tailor-made for those in need of reinforced backcare, ensuring your spine receives VIP treatment throughout the night.
  • Edge-to-Edge Endurance: Features an edge-to-edge support structure that minimises motion transfer and bolsters mattress edges, making rolling off a thing of the past.
  • Maintenance Mastery: A gentle reminder to give it a turn now and then, helping extend its lifespan and maintain its even-tempered nature.
  • Prolong the life of your mattress with a mattress protector.


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The Orthopaedic Posturecare Mattress By Respa: Where Dreams and Back Support Collide

Imagine a mattress that cares for your back as much as you do for a good night's sleep. The Orthopaedic Posturecare Mattress by Respa does just that, with medium support that's like a chiropractor's hug for your spine, ensuring you wake up as straight as you went to bed.

A Support System with Substance

With its 12.5 gauge of orthopaedic integrity and an edge-to-edge frame, the Orthopaedic Posturecare Mattress offers support that’s as steadfast as a loyal friend, ready to catch you whenever you fall—into bed.

The Epitome of Cool

Thanks to its 3D Airflow Technology and chic side vents, this orthopaedic mattress remains as cool and collected as an ice sculpture in an Irish winter, ensuring you stay chilled throughout the night.

A High-Rise in Mattress Comfort

Standing tall at 28cm and cloaked in plush knitted soft touch fabric (Malta, Cream), the Orthopaedic Posturecare Mattress by Respa doesn't just promise a luxurious sleep; it delivers a nightly voyage to the land of nod, wrapped in comfort.

Quilted for the Queen (or King!)

The traditional quilted design and luxurious cushioning layers offer a sleep surface so sumptuous, it's like sleeping on a cloud—assuming clouds were quilted and extraordinarily comfy.

Spinal Serenity Now

Designed for those who treasure their spine's well-being above all else, this ortho mattress offers reinforced backcare, ensuring your spine’s alignment is more perfect than a guardsman at a palace.

The Guardian of the Edge

Boasting an edge-to-edge support structure that keeps motion transfer to a minimum, the Orthopaedic Respa Posturecare Mattress promises that the only thing you'll be rolling into is deeper sleep, not off the bed.

The Art of Mattress Maintenance

Like any prized possession, a bit of TLC—in the form of regular turning—will ensure this  Orthopaedic Posturecare Mattress by Respa continues to offer sublime sleep for years to come, proving that sometimes, a little spin goes a long way.

In the world of sleep, the  Orthopaedic Posturecare Mattress by Respa is a bastion of back support, a haven of cool comfort, and a fortress of luxury, proving once and for all that sleep can be as beneficial as it is blissful.

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