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Selecting Dining Tables and Chairs to Create the Perfect Dining Space

Your dining tables and chairs are more than just a place to sit down and eat. The dining area is where you spend time with your family and, often, with guests who visit your home. It’s where you stop for a break during the day to drink a cup of tea or have a snack. It’s where you might catch up on some work in the evening or where your kids might study or do schoolwork. 

For all these reasons, choosing the right dining tables and chairs is an important part of really making your house a home. Luckily, with a fantastic selection of dining furniture available at Corcoran’s, and plenty of advice from our furniture experts, the process can be easy. Read on to learn about trends, tips, and the best way to set up your perfect dining space. 

How to choose the best dining tables and chairs

When you’re selecting the right dining tables and chairs for your own dining room, there are so many questions to consider. Here are a few of the most important ones: 

  • What style or aesthetic am I looking for?
  • Do I want to buy a table and chairs separately or as a matching set? 
  • Would I prefer metal, wood, or plastic chairs? What about upholstery? 
  • What material(s) do I want for the dining table? Do I want a traditional oak dining table or something more contemporary?
  • What is the right size table for my space? Should I get a table that extends? 

Trying to answer all of these questions at once can feel like a daunting task. But our furniture experts have put together a number of helpful blog posts and guides that will help you with your decision-making. 

Buying a dining set: This is our comprehensive guide to buying dining tables and chairs and makes for a great first port of call when you are beginning to browse and shop for dining room furniture. Learn about the different materials available for dining tables, from oak tables to metal, the various types of extensions to choose from, and how to select the right chair size and construction to suit your dining table.

The perfect mealtime fit: What is the right dining table size for your kitchen or dining room? How do you make sure there’s enough room for everyone to sit and all the place settings you need without worrying that your dining room will be cramped? This blog will help you determine the right shape, dimensions, and extension options to suit the size of your space, be it large or small

Dining chair types explained: There are a number of different dining chair types to choose from, such as side chairs, armchairs, carver chairs, and cantilever chairs. Learn about the options available and the hallmarks of each style to help you choose the best dining chairs for your home. 

Extending dining tables made simple: An extending dining table is ideal if you occasionally host dinner parties or have guests over to eat. With a number of mechanisms and extension types, this guide offers a convenient breakdown to show the difference and benefits of each, as well as explaining care and maintenance for this table type. 


Dining room trends for 2023

As with all furniture types, there are trends for dining tables and chairs you might want to consider when deciding on the style of your kitchen or dining room. These are a few of our favourite dining room trends for 2023 that will help inspire your picks: 

Statement legs

From curved legs to X-style bases, bold legs are one of the biggest trends for the year in both dining tables and chairs. Instead of traditional designs, add style to your space with statement legs. 

Dark finishes

Whether you choose wood, metal, or another option, consider a stately dining table with a dark wood stain or painted finish to reflect this 2023 dining room trend. 

Long tables

The era of hosting dinner parties is back! A long banquet table is perfect for inviting guests for a special meal and is one of our favourite trends of 2023. 

Bold style

Whatever trending details you see on your favourite interior design blogs, the best trend of 2023 is to embrace your own personal style in choosing the right dining tables and chairs for your home. 

Shop dining tables and chairs online or in store

At Corcoran’s, our collection of dining tables and chairs is top-notch, embracing a wide array of styles in a range of materials, sizes, and budgets. Designed with superior craftsmanship and suited for all your requirements and preferences, you can shop dining tables, chairs, and other dining room furniture online now or call in to your nearest Corcoran’s store to find your new favourites in person.

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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