Fan Favourites: Our Top Blog Posts of 2021

Our Top Blog Posts of 2021

We’re in that strange period of time between Christmas and New Year’s when nobody really knows what day of the week it is and we’re all cosy on the couch with a cup of tea and too many (read: just the right number) of holiday cookies. If you’re looking for something to scroll through in between classic movies, why not have a look at some of our top blog posts of the year? 

Get inspired for your interior design and home decor projects in 2022 with our top 10 most read posts of 2021! From trends to tiles to furniture types, we have everything you need to read to start your year right and refresh your home in style. 

Retro Furniture Style

Retro furniture was on-trend this year, with deliberately dated decor adding a blast from the past to your home. Our guide to this classic-inspired aesthetic is our top post of the year! Read this blog post to learn how to incorporate retro furniture style into your home. 

summer furniture

2021 was another year focused on spending time outside in our own gardens, and so you loved our guide to summer furniture trends and outdoor decor. Get an early start on next year’s outdoor setup with this look at fab garden furniture options and the best tips for setting up your outdoor space. 

space saving furniture and style tips for small rooms

Having a small space to furnish or decorate doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for function. Our blog on small furniture style proves that with tips on making a compact room seem larger, maximising your space, and of course creating a chic and stylish room no matter the size. 

tufted upholstered bed frames

Tufted, upholstered bed frames are always a bestselling favourite among our customers. But there are so many options it can be hard to choose the right tufted bed for your home. We take a look at some of our absolute faves in this blog post. 

dining tables and dining room colours

The right colours in a room can completely change the vibe of a space. In your dining area, you want the colour palette you choose to complement your dining table. Take a look at a few of our favourite pairings in this blog post

Flooring, Tiling, Wall, and Wallpaper Trends

You might not think that things like wallpaper and tiles would have trends the way furniture does, or that choosing the right flooring or wall paint could be as fun as selecting home decor accessories, but our blog on flooring, tiling, wall, and wallpaper trends might prove you wrong with a look at some of the top trends in these areas. 

mid-century modern style

There’s nothing like a good style explainer to help inspire your interior design dreams. If you love a look that offers retro details that are still on-trend in contemporary home decor, our blog on mid-century modern style is a must-read as you plan your home interiors projects for 2022. 

living room feng shui

The perfect furniture setup not only looks great, but it can also have an effect on the good energy and happiness of your home. At least, that’s what the art of feng shui says. Read our guide to using this ancient principle in your living room to add good vibes to your space. 

dining chair types

Choosing the right dining chairs to pair with your dining table is important. Whether you opt for a matching set or an eclectic mismatch, they need to be comfortable as well as stylish. Have a look at our guide to dining chair types to learn about al your options. 


Cottagecore style was a huge trend in 2021, and there’s no sign its popularity is set to wane in the new year. If you love this sweet, light, and airy style inspired by traditional farmhouse decor and whimsical, vintage details, read our style explainer and incorporate cottagecore into your home. 

Whether you’re starting a massive renovation project in the new year or just looking for a few little decor details to refresh a room, our blog can help to inspire you and create a home you’ll love not only in 2022 but for years to come. 

And if you have a topic you’d love to see us cover on the blog, we’re always open to suggestions! Ask us your questions or let us know what you’d like to read about, and we’ll share all the answers, more style tips, and furniture favourites in 2022. 

Need some personalised advice? Get in touch with our team, and we’ll help you find the best furniture, fixtures, flooring, and more to suit your space. Whether creating your dream home is your new year’s resolution or it’s simply time for a change, visit us in-store or shop online now to get a head start on the perfect home interiors and decor for 2022. Happy New Year from Corcoran’s! 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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